Day 21/30: Not According to Plan

by - Sunday, July 03, 2011

Today couldn't have started off any worse. My favorite player lost to perhaps the one player I dislike the most :( I then turned to retail therapy to help me forget. The one item at the outlets that did catch my eye was a pink and cream striped sweater from Banana Republic. But in the end, I came home with nothing. Thankfully everyone else found great deals so the trip wasn't a total waste. Did you take advantage of the sales this weekend? Please share to make me feel better :)

necklace: Forever 21 (currently sold here; similar)
belt: Forever 21 (similar)
skirt: Forever 21 (may still be in stores; similar)
shoes: Old Navy (currently sold here)

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  1. this red scalloped skirt looks so great on you! i love the different ways that you're pairing your looks. as for my trip to the outlet, you already know about my AT crochet dress find. :)

    cute & little
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  2. I'm sorry to hear about your day Cee! I agree with Kileen that the red skirt is so adorable on you!
    Even without being in the country I took advantage of the sales! My bf graciously went to Loft to get me some tops and shorts (including white ones inspired by you!) thanks to the 40% sale!
    Have a great week!

  3. i was heartbroken by our Rafa's performance. Djoker is my least favorite as well. i'm glad i have someone to commiserate w/!

    love the colors in your outfit & backdrop!


  4. i love this outfit! ..i did get a shirt from h & m this weekend for only $3, i was excited :)

  5. Ah, you're a tennis fan? So is my hubby - he played in high school and still plays the occasional local tournament :)

    I enjoy this "be fat for a good reason" stage of pregnancy, but your blog seriously makes me look forward to going back to a normal size so I can try your looks!

  6. I stopped watching tennis a few years ago...I have a hard time sitting down and watching any kind of sporting event (except for gymnastics, figure skating, swimming and football) because watching people be active makes me feel like going outside and running. :)

    I am proud of you that you didn't shop...I wish I could do the same. sigh.

  7. I use to only watch tennis when Agassi played, but then I lost interest after he retired. sorry about the lame shopping trip, but hey, it means you saved money!! :)

  8. Aww sorry that your fav tennis player didn't win. I did not take advantage of any of the sales this weekend. I'm on a Shopping "Trim"

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  9. @kileen - Like I told Elaine, I'm so excited that you also got the AT crochet dress! Can't wait to get styling inspirations from you :)

    @b_ra - NICE! Your bf is a keeper ;) Did you know there is a LOFT outlet? o.O I wonder if it's new because I saw it for the first time yesterday. Alas, the regular store had much better selection because I was in and out in a matter of minutes.

    @gold N turquoise - :(:(:( I would be much more okay with Rafa losing to Roger. For some reason I can't find ANYTHING to like about Djokovic. Argh! I hope Rafa can get over this mental hump and get back on track this summer and at the US Open.

    @danielle - What a score on the skirt! I walked through H&M the regular store today and didn't see anything I wanted. My wallet was thanking me :)

    @SewPetiteGal - Yup, huge tennis fan! I played in hs too but do not play much anymore. I'm so lazy :) But seeing the pros on TV always makes me want to go out and hit, haha.

    @Elle - Finally! Nobody else understands why I love watching gymnastics, figure skating, and swimming! (Football is a lot more understandable, haha). I haven't kept up in recent years, but when the Olympics roll around, I will be glued to the TV :)

    @Olyvia - LOL @ the lame shopping trip ;) I loved those years when Agassi, Sampras, and that generation played. I don't know if we'll see anything like it anytime soon for the Americans.

    @The Little Dust Princess - Hehehe, any excuse for a day off is good in my book!

    @Shasie - "Trim" sounds so much better than "ban." I'm going to have to steal that term ;)

  10. I didn't get to watch all of the Wimbledon finals this weekend, because we wanted to hit the outlet sales early. (Mostly to avoid the crowds, but also because it was something like 150 degrees with 95% humidity this weekend...or something close to that, I guess.) I wasn't happy that Nadal lost, though!

    And also, the PGA Championship is going to be in Atlanta in August, and I think Steve and I are getting tickets. If you want to come down, we can 'follow' cute golfers around the course ;)

  11. I always love the way you tuck in your shirt! aw that's too bad you didnt find anything at the outlet. do you ever go to potomac mill? we normally just by for lil bit everytime we stop by Ikea.

  12. i swear woman you do hamptons chic like nobodies business.. olivia palmermo could take some pointers from you!!!


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