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by - Wednesday, July 20, 2011

With the exception of one or two items, I think everything in my closet has been paired with this hot pink top. Even if my math is off, the color is too memorable, so it sure feels that way. It took until this summer for me to slowly venture out of blues and grays. My new color of choice? Pinks, corals, and more pinks. Olyvia said it best, "Bright pink seems to be your power color." What's yours?

top: ASOS (currently sold here)
belts: H&M (similar); Forever 21 (similar)
dress as skirt: Plastic Island
clutch: Jenny Yuen
flats: Valentino (similar)

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  1. The combination of pink, black, and white looks great on you!

    My power colors are a fiery red and electric blue.

  2. Oh do I express my excitement for this outfit! I freaking LOVE it! I love the flowy-ness of the skirt and look amazing Cee!

  3. Wow, what a gorgeous outfit. Best one I've seen all week from various bloggers :) way to style!

  4. Lovely combination. U look GREAT! Power colors for me right now is orange and yellow. Totally feeling the citrus.

  5. Are power colors only bright & vibrant? If so, I don't think I have one... If not, I think my power color is black. :) Is that boring?

  6. That top is gorge! I wouldn't have bought it if I saw it on ASOS, but after seeing it on you... I think I would!

  7. This is a great combo. I currently have a thing for neon-ish orange.


  8. Every time you wear this top, I swoon over it. It's so bright! The shape and draping is just so gorgeous.

    My power color is turquoise, to the max! Earrings, shirts, nail color, etc.--a little pop of turquoise goes a long way.


  9. OMG I love this skirt! And congrats on 300 followers!!!!!!!! You're super cool in my book!

  10. Ug, I hate when I post first, read later. Ok, busted. I love this DRESS. And also that color pink is muy awesome. The funny thing about you saying you've worn it a lot is that I wouldn't have recognized it! My brain doesn't work that way. If you've paired it with completely different bottoms, then I wouldn't recognize it with this new one. I'm weird like that. Anyway, awesome.

  11. I love this particular dress as a skirt because the contrast border is just so bold and pretty with the bright pink! Gorgeous as always.

    I don't know if I have a power color... I have an affinity for golds and purples but not sure that they look that great on me LOL.

  12. who cares if you've worn this shirt a lot? there is definitely a reason- it's so cute!

  13. Great color combo. I love those flats too.

  14. So pretty. I love that skirt!

  15. Yay! my comment made a feature on your post! I feel so cool! haha. I always remember your pink outfit the petite challenge--the one with the pink flower brooches and even the pinkish scarf ring, and this top above is the best! You pick nice pink colors and they suit you!

  16. I don't think you can go wrong with bright pink, although it took me awhile to come around to that way of thinking. Chalk it up to another blogging change, I guess :)

    I agree, do pick such fantastic pink colors, and they always look so great. Plus, you do girly pink really well, without it being too girly pink, if that makes any sense. I love it!

  17. Super cute!! I love that pink is your "power color". This outfit feels very Kate Spade to me! Love it!

    Green used to be my color, but I just started to veer away from it and play it safe with neutrals. Maybe I should be friendly with my green shirts that I have not been wearing. :)

  18. i'm in love with this pink top and it goes with everything! i love this look with the striped skirt. pink is definitely your power color!

    cute & little
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  19. totally fabulous! love it with that striped skirt.

    my power color is probably yellow.

    caroline - pictures & words

  20. Beautiful outfit! I love the bottom of that skirt (or dress haha), looks amazing paired with the hot pink! I'd say my power colors are probably turquoise and in second place hot pink :)

  21. That top is your signature style because you wears it so well...with everything. It is great to have a piece that you feel confident in it and is versatile, isn't it? I want to have more pieces like this in my wardrobe. I love pink...any shades of pink :D

  22. I would wear that bright pink top all the time too - it's fabulous! I love how you remix your dresses into skirts :)

  23. loving the color combo and the skirt is so adorable! Loving those flats too!! :)

    xo Nav

  24. omg im so sad. lately, your blog pictures are blocked @ work. wehhhh

  25. Thanks everyone for sharing. It was fun reading more about you and your choice of colors :)

    @Jane - Nope, I took it to mean any color that works for you... makes you feel more confident, what you're into right now, etc. I don't even know if that's the exact meaning, but that's how I interpreted it :)

    @Erin @ MomsHaveStyle2 - Thank you! I'm so humbled that there are people reading my blog, let alone 300 people :)

    @SewPetiteGal - You sound like my bf, whose favorite color is lime green, but it looks horrible on his yellow skintone, lol.

    @Allie - Haha, this shirt might more appearances in the next week or so! With this insane heat wave, the fabric is the perfect coolness.

    @Olyvia - I bow down to your impressive memory. If I had to analyze it, I probably feel like I missed out on being a girly girl while growing up (tomboys ftw!), so wearing pink now is my way of making up for it :)

    @Michelle - Green is another color I've been getting into lately. Please do bring it back to your outfit posts to inspire me ;)

    @Tara - How apt that you're wearing those two colors together in your post today!

    @AubreyOhDang! - Aww, I have no idea why. All my parts are covered, so it can't be pr0n. Gambling? Nope. Those are usually the sites that get blocked at my work, haha.

  26. Pink does look really good on you..i do like the brighter pink rather then the soft pink..softer pink might be too girly for me.

    btw you look really tall in this pix..idk why..maybe the angle or something lol

    PS. yes i haven't been able to post up Kaylee weekly pix this week yet..but i did do a good job with last week! haha

  27. I love it.. so cute


    My Stylish Little Secret

  28. every time you wear that pink shirt i get so upset that it's sold out!! it looks great on you ~amy


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