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by - Friday, July 22, 2011

I had time to kill at the mall, so I tried on a couple of things that caught my eye. Unfortunately (or is it a good thing?), I didn't end up buying anything today.

First is the Express Trimmed Military Trench Coat in khaki, size XS - currently sold here. I liked what I had seen online, so I had high hopes for this jacket. In person, the color looked darker, the material was a bit too shiny for my tastes, the trim looked and felt cheap, and the bottom part flared out more than I liked. Geez, it's not like me to be so picky.

Next is the Ann Taylor Modern A-Line Zip Skirt in orange blossom, size 0 - currently sold here. This skirt was quite eye catching in all the recent fall ads. The orange color looked as nice online as it did in person. The fabric was quite thick also. Only larger petite sizes were left, so I went with the smallest regular size. I liked the exposed zipper detailing along the right side, but note that it only unzips halfway.

Lastly, the Ann Taylor Draped Dress in peacock, size XXSP (below left) and XS P (below right) - currently sold here. Sorry for the low quality pictures, but the color on AT's website is how it looks in real life -- a true turquoise. I didn't feel much of a difference between these two small sizes. Usually when I need to find a smaller size, I can't. But today when I need to size up, there were none. Boo! I really liked the dress if it wasn't so clingy and tight. You know me and draping, so I really love that detail all over.

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  1. awww, i had seen that Express trench online too and really liked it! it looks big on you so it definitely won't work on me. such a shame. and i really like the AT turquoise dress on you. it fits perfectly but i can see how it can be a bit tight. hopefully they'll replenish the stock and have your size!

    cute & little
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  3. i love the dress on you! but the coat doesnt sit right :/ the skirt looks lovely too.

    BreezeyBee Blog

  4. Cee, you look smokin in the turquoise dress....its tight in all the right places...ahhaa. I was also eyeing the AT orange skirt - its very flattering. Want to ask you - is J.Crew 0 same as Loft 0? Never bought anything from J.Crew and want to take a plunge....Thanks!

  5. I think the dress looks really good on you! :)

  6. i went to ann taylor today also and they didnt have anything in 00P - not sure if it was that the store didnt sell 00's or they ran out of small sizes

  7. Did Ann Taylor alreayd have a 40% off sale on their new arrivals? I wonder why so many sizes at your local store are already sold out! The orange skirt is a such a nice color, but I saw it in person and it's a miss for someone who is shorter. I wonder how you would've looked in the 0P and how much shorter it would've hit on you. On me it was almost past the knee and the A-line was not flattering for a stiff skirt at that length. The peacock dress ... lovely on you in the XSP.

  8. I'm usually all about orange, but that skirt just isn't speaking to me. Something about it seems so...70's mod. That dress likey! Did you do a side-ways pooch test? Those drapey dresses always seem to give me a pooch, so I wonder if this one does the same.

  9. @kileen - Are you on a trench hunt? I saw one from Ann Taylor that's perhaps a bit dressier and longer in length. I didn't get a chance to try it on, but the color is the perfect shade imo and the fabric is much more matte than Express'. Of course it's a lot more expensive, so I'll have to wait for a huge sale before deciding if it's worth it, haha.

    @BreezeyBee - Something about the shoulders of the coat is off, right? It looked more normal if I didn't hold up my arms, but I couldn't figure out a way to take a pic with my arms on the side.

    @Jarucha - Hahaha if I was younger and doing the clubbing/fancy lounge thing, I may consider the dress ;) Now all I do is chill at home most of the time, so the fanciest place I dress up to is work, and I'd be too self-conscious in this dress at work, even with a blazer on :)

    What are you eyeing at J.Crew? I would say J.Crew 0 is about the same as LOFT 0, maybe even J.Crew 0 = LOFT 00. J.Crew dresses in 0 are usually too big on me and about the same as LOFT 00 or 0, so I usually have to downsize to LOFT's petite line. J.Crew button ups are more forgiving. The most recent chambray purchase of mine from J.Crew was 100% cotton and it looked slightly baggy in a 0, but after washing and drying, it fit much better. I've also tried on J.Crew's double serge pencil skirt in 00 and it's comparable to LOFT's smallest regular size. Sorry for this long winded rambling... hopefully it was somewhat helpful. Final sale is so tricky.

    @♥☮Renee - Haha thanks :) I think a looser fit would be more versatile given where I am in life.

    @Elissa - I once asked a SA and she told me XXS P and 00P are only sold online, and if there are any in the stores they are returns. I don't know how true that is, but have noticed those sizes are rarely in stock too.

    @PetiteAsianGirl - It's 25% off regular-priced merchandise right now, right? Usually I go to a bigger AT store near my place which has a whole floor devoted to petites. Today I went to one a bit farther away, and it was much smaller. Something that is past the knee on you may just be the perfect length on me. Ie: crochet dress was perfect on you and slightly too short on me :) I also think AT styled the skirt perfectly in the ads, but I had a hard time mentally fitting this skirt into my wardrobe.

    @Alterations Needed - I can't lie, I'm a sucker for pretty styling in ads, even if it's not something I usually wear. I want to say there was no sideways pooch, but I can't say for sure. I was too busy trying to see if I can stretch out the dress to see how that would look on me, lol. Now you've piqued my curiosity!

  10. I went to Ann Taylor today too in search of the color block top with the orange top and khaki bottom...was a total fail on me, way too tight across my chest...I was so upset!

  11. I want that orange skirt so bad! I wonder if the 00P will fit....gosh Cee- how could you NOT find a 00P to try on for me? LOL Just kidding :D The dress looks amazing on you- you a great figure!

  12. thanks for the reviews, cee! too bad about that trench. i really like the dress on you actually. it fits great and seems really versatile.

  13. Loving the dress on you!! I am having a tough time seeing the size difference, other than the tighter waist on the xxsp.

    Too bad about the trench...would have been such a cute look if the shape and material were right!

  14. I really love that turquoise dress on you! I do think that the XSP looks a little more demure than XXSP but both fit you very well. Are you looking for a SP or maybe XS?

    I agree with you on the trench. I like the traditional trench silhouette more than this flared version although I do like the contrast piping.

  15. @Tara - Aww, what a bummer! I'm guessing sizing up wouldn't help because the shoulders would be too big?

    @Really Petite - Lol if a 00P fits me, then it won't fit you! You would want the 0 regular to fit me :)

    @purses and puppies, @Michelle - Ahh... even though the dress is $40 (which isn't bad), I'm sticking to my guns and not buying any more useless dresses! They need to get enough wears out for me to justify the purchase.

    @SewPetiteGal - You know, I think either SP or XS may work... but since it's a sale item, I'm hesitant to pay the shipping cost for using style finder. I'll just keep an eye out, and if I happen to come across it, it's meant to be :)

  16. Thanks for the review Cee! None of these items have called out to me (yet ;) but I'm glad for the chance to see them on other body types in case I "have" to have them later! hee

  17. I looked in the stores around me using their nifty online finder but they didn't have either size nearby :(

  18. I can understand not getting the trench, and maybe the skirt, but I really do think that dress looks totally hot. But it really is all about what feels comfortable on you, and there are always more dresses out there :)


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