After the Rain

by - Monday, July 18, 2011

Taking pictures in a woodsy location after a storm? Not exactly the best idea, for there were little bugs everywhere. I wish I could say the little buggers were the reason I'm walking funny (trying to evade them?), but nope, I'm just being my usual goofy self. That's randomness on a Monday for ya.

blazer: H&M (currently sold in stores; similar)
necklace: Forever 21 (currently sold here; similar)
top: Gap (similar)
skirt: Forever 21 (may still be in stores; similar)
flats: Mossimo (similar)

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  1. Another gorgeous ensemble. It seems we share quite a few similar pieces so I can more easily steal your style :P

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I love this pose - seems like you just captured a moment of whimsy!

  3. I am liking these new style of photos Cee!!! And of course- love the look :)

  4. Your scalloped skirt reminds me of something Elle would like! I love the pieces you chose to pair it with!

  5. haha love the pose! super cute skirt. im totally loving bright colors this season

  6. Well you look adorable Cee (bugs always tend to freak me out, so you can still blame the walk on them if you want to ;) Seeing that H&M jacket on you makes me wish I'd got one last time I was there. Problem is they always look so big in the store don't they?.....guess I should have actually tried one on! Lol

  7. LOL I love your goofy side coming out! Love the stripes + red = so ooh la la Parisian! I miss blazer weather :( especially after seeing you wear all your layers!

  8. omgosh that blazer is HOT! you should come with me to europe i swear you've got parisian chic down pat!

  9. Red skirt looks great with black and white. I love this outfit, Cee.

  10. That skirt is such a great color, and I really, really love the striped top you've paired it with!

    Also (because I think you might be my only internet friend who cares, and I'm pretty excited about it...), Steve bought our tickets for the August golf tournament, and he scored tickets that include a hospitality tent...with air conditioning! I'm so glad I don't have to worry about melting, now :)

  11. @Anna - Hehehe, or you can offer suggestions on how I can style myself ;) I'm always open to new ideas!

    @BreezeyBee, @Really Petite, @Kiki's Corner, @Nelah - Thank you :)

    @eek - Whimsy! That's the word I'm looking for. My vocab always fails me when it's needed most, haha.

    @Michelle - I actually think Elle was the one to discover this skirt, but sadly it was too big on her. Once again, the follower in me jumped on the bandwagon :)

    @Shasie - Gotta try something new every once in awhile, right? Shake things up a bit around here :)

    @lica - You and me both, girl. I'm not even missing layering... yet (?) :D

    @Callandra - For some reason, it's the opposite for me. I guess I see myself bigger than I am, because I tend to reach for larger sizes and then realize I need to size down, haha. This blazer is a sz US 2, but the shoulders are a bit tight (US 4 is too big), so I figured I'll just deal with it. It could work for you though?

    @SewPetiteGal - Thankfully it was cool when I wore this outfit.. but this week? Gahhh not looking forward to the heat wave.

    @Lisa - I want to go to Europe so bad! But until I can, you know I'll be waiting patiently for pictures from all your travels (and buys!)

    @Tara - Nice! Which day(s) are you going? Don't stay in the tent too long cuz I'll be looking for you on TV :)

  12. love your scallopped red skirt! and the striped shirt makes this look very parisian. so chic, love it! xx

  13. Great casual look! I love the pop of color from the skirt and the rolled up sleeves from the blazer.

    Ughh. I hate the aftermath of rain. There's always slugs and worms all over the pathways.

    Complex Cardigans

  14. This F21 skirt is one of my favorites. I've seen it a few times on some friends, but I dont' think they have it anymore :(


  15. i'm loving this look on you! that blazer looks perfect on you and is a perfect dressy-but-not-too-dressy look. let's hope the Texas H&M will still have it in stock when it opens next month! :)

    cute & little
    Sproos Hair Accessory Giveaway

  16. I love that pix!! it's like you just dancing and singing after the rain and enjoying the nice cool breeze :)

    I been meaning to go look for that skirt but still havent yet! it look so good on you but im not sure if it will look decent on me :D

  17. This looks so effortless! You have suck kick ass style!

  18. love the breton stripes and the scalloped edge skirt is amazing! I love scallop detail at the minute :)

  19. hey! i looove this look =) i love the mixture of textures, patterns, and colors. btw, is that blazer lined, and if so, is it a striped lining?I see some lining on the rolled up sleeves, but was wondering if the entire jacket was lined as well. Thanks!

  20. Very nice outfit, Cee! Love the fit of your blazer. You said it's current. What size are you wearing? Will it be too long for us "real petites"?

  21. @cryskay - I'll take unintentional Parisian. Thank you!

    @Jenn - The only thing I like after it rains is the smell. It's so... cleansing and fresh.

    @Marissa - I did buy it awhile ago... so you're probably right. F21 does sometimes re-release their popular items, so you could try that. Or perhaps eBay? Good luck with your hunt!

    @kileen - Do let me know if you can't find it and I can ship it over :)

    @simplyvonne - All I need is an umbrella, right? That's what I picture when I hear "singing in the rain" :) I don't know if the skirt is still in stores... your best bet might be eBay. F21 does re-release their popular items, so could get lucky.

    @Tara - Thank you!

    @Cait - Me too, but I think I can only handle subtle scallops. I've seen some bloggers rock scalloped shorts, but I know I can't pull it off.

    @Anonymous - The blazer is only lined in the sleeves. Weird, huh? And the lined part is black. The white you see peeking out is actually from the striped top I have on underneath. Hope that helps!

    @Vicky - I think the blazer may too long on you because it's kind of long on me. But I suppose that's how boyfriend blazers are supposed to look (I have a pretty normal torso length in proportion to my height). The blazer is from H&M's Divided line and I'm wearing a US 2. The shoulders do feel a wee bit tight though. Definitely try it out if you can because it just might work on you!

  22. Fabulousness! Bugs and all!

  23. I have a necklace similar to that! They always get tangled..

  24. I love the scalloped edge to that skirt. So pretty.


  25. lol i don't think you're walking funny at all, Cee! i seriously think you're one of those people that just have a natural grace to them ;)

  26. I love your outfit! If possible, do you still have the style number to the blazer? It's so difficult to know which blazer to get as there is soo many blazers at H&M. I love how the blazer fits on you!

  27. @Anonymous - Hey there, the blazer is from H&M's Divided line and the sleeves came rolled with the black lining showing. I'm looking at the tag and it's $29.95 with the first row of bar code #: "051070 4 0023 09 1". The second row of bar code says: "1244/1". I'm not sure what the numbers mean but hopefully a SA can help you track it down!


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