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by - Wednesday, September 07, 2011

I'm wearing a couple of Zara's pieces today to celebrate the launch of their US online shop (but why were all the sale pieces removed?!) The jacket is old, but the shoes are current. I spoke too soon in an earlier post, but the shoes do need to be broken in. After a full day of sitting and standing at work and at dinner, I felt a blister on one foot. It's nothing a few days of dressing down and wearing flip-flops won't heal though ;)

I wanted to try this coat in red until Elle mentioned the color isn't available in the US (I thought X-ed out meant it's currently sold out and I was content to wait for returns). Bummer! I'm also eyeing this trench from the adult and kids section. I'll have to wait until more sizes are back in stock though.

Did you do any Zara shopping today?

belt: J.Crew piped glitter (sold here; similar)

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  1. I love it! Did you buy anything today on Zara?

  2. You look great...I'm heading over to the website now to check it out!

  3. i'm very jealous. zara just opened in sydney and melbourne this year and the sydney store is SUCH a disappointment! the staff aren't knowledgeable nor can you ever find any. and the store is always jammed full, a complete wreck and the items for sale are like the outlet items that no one wanted anywhere else in the world!

  4. How's the comfort on those shoes? Some of the shoes I see in Zara seem OK, but I just ordered a little bootie, and I'm a little concerned. LOL. Love the outfit! Looks like something I would wear--lots of leather! :D

  5. Very cute find!! So no sale items online for Zara?! Bummer!! Hope that is not how it will always be!

  6. Yeah the melb store is ok but tonnes of people! Always a huge line in the dressing rooms!!

  7. This is such a big deal right? Zara finally online? I'm not a big Zara fan, as you know, but would definitely give it a shot if you girls find something good. :) Did you see Sydney's post today? Drooling... but then again, knowing Zara, I don't expect much on their quality.

  8. Ugh, I went a little Zara crazy last night - already snagged a blazer, dress and blouse - trying NOT to go back!

  9. @Really Petite - Nope, didn't buy anything today, but I have a feeling I'll cave when the kids' trench comes back in bigger sizes ;)

    @TaraMixandMatch - Good luck!

    @a Bug and Bird - Ahh, I completely understand. The stores near me are the exact same way. And during sale season? Forget about it! I do try to go during off-peak hours, like on random weekdays because weekends are always a madhouse. Perhaps you can get to know a SA? But that'll mean you may have to buy a lot for them to remember you...

    @Cher - Surprisingly the shoes have a lot of padding throughout, so I'd say they're pretty comfortable. Not as comfortable as AT perfect pumps, but pretty darn close so I'm happy. I hope your booties work out for you!

    @Michelle - I did realize that the "old" US site became the "Turkey" site. So maybe that had something to do with why I was still seeing some old items in certain Internet browsers. Grrr... oh well.

    @katattack2000 - I know :( I do try to go during random weekdays when there's less people. I've walked in with a list of product names and #s feeling bad I'm asking SAs to find them in the system. They've been really helpful though. On weekends though? I don't even try haha.

    @Vicky - I did see Sydney's post! I'm really hoping for a red jacket/coat this winter, so I'm going to keep looking. If all else fails, her mustard coat is pretty darn cute... especially if sizing ends up working well for her.

    @Lisa - respect the shoes - Hahaha, it's ok Lisa! I knew how disappointed you were that Suddenlee doesn't ship to your area, so it's perfectly understandable to go a lil crazy ;) Can't wait to see your outfits!

  10. I didn't realize that Zara had opened online shopping up now...I am absolutely going to have to jump on the site, now.

    I *really* want that jacket you're wearing...or this year's version, anyway :)

  11. I've never heard of Zara until I started following the fashion/style blogs. Every time I see some nice item, I'd notice that it's Zara, and then I go "darn it" because there is no Zara store in my area (or entire state, I think). So I'm excited to learn about their launch online, which I just found out too because I was stalking your Zara pumps, haha I'm interested in the turquoise buckshin court pumps (same style as yours)...where did your blister form? Is it because the pumps are too tight or too loose?

  12. @Tara - Yes go shop! (Sorry for enabling again) For reference, I sized up to a M, but the S fit fine too. In fact, S probably looked better, but I had trouble moving my arms, lol. With free shipping and return shipping, sizing shouldn't be a problem.

    @Olyvia - I just searched the turquoise version. SO GORGEOUS. Oh man, how did I not notice that before?! The blister was at the back of my ankle (where I normally get blisters). One of my foot is smaller than the other, so I think it's just because one shoe is a tiny bit loose, so there's slight rubbing against the skin when I walk. I'll probably stick some padding in there to fix this though. Please blog about your shoes if/when you end up buying it! :)

  13. Nice outfit! Great bag!


  14. Snakeskin again?!? Cee you are definitely over the phobia! That jacket looks amzing on you! You make me want to bust out my suede motorcycle jacket!

  15. i wonder if this is the 1st time I"m commenting on this jacket, but I need to see more of it. it's awesome!


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