Fall Forward

by - Monday, September 05, 2011

Summer isn't officially over yet, but with cooler temperatures the last few days, I'm slowly turning to the other side of my closet. There are still many summer-y pieces I haven't worn enough, so hopefully I'll find ways to fit those into my fall wardrobe.

For me, the best part about the upcoming season is the return of TV shows. I'm such a TV junkie that my days are often planned around it (no TiVo or DVR for this cheap dino). Summer shows have kept me busy so I've still yet to fully catch up on the spring episodes (that's what this weekend was for! Ahh! I blame the exciting tennis matches) What are you most looking forward to this fall?

necklace: Forever 21 knotted chain & rhinestone (similar)
jacket: American Eagle short peacoat (similar; similar)
tee: American Eagle deep v-neck (sold here; similar)
belt: H&M skinny belt (similar)
flats: Mossimo Desta ballet (similar)

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  1. Ah, I LOVE Fall. Today's smells like Fall and I've been smiling the whole day because of it :)

    You're looking great as usual. I really like that jacket. I stopped at AE today but sadly they don't have the same cute stuff they have online.

  2. I'm actually looking forward to spring :) It's been so cold in Aus that we need some sunshine! Love the jacket :)


  3. I love that AE peacoat- its adorable! And I like pink on you :)

  4. The pink tee gives your outfit a pop.


  5. I'm looking forward to fall...it still doesn't feel like I've had a summer. As for TV shows, I have it all set up via DVR and I just catch them online. lol. Can't wait to see the new Fall shows! =)

  6. That pink top always looks so pretty on you. I love fall, but definitely need to get some more use from the summer clothes too!!

  7. that's a really cute outfit! you should have listed the tv shows you love... here in australia we can't wait for it to be fall in the US so we can watch modern family! lol... of course it's summer here so it'll suck having to be indoors, but it's only a half hour :)

  8. hahah. I'm so excited for the fall lineup, as well! The return of Modern Family is what i'm looking forward to most. :) What do you like to watch, Cee?

  9. Great outfit! I am looking forward to tv starting again this fall. Trying out new shows and seeing some old ones return (especially Survivor).


  10. I'm with you Cee! I've actually been waiting for September to arrive for all the new shows coming up. The commercials this summer had some interesting shows I want to see....Pam Am (starring fellow petite Christina Ricci), New Girl (with ever vintage-fashionable Zooey Deschanel), Whitney (hilarious commercials), Charlie Angels (I love chick-flicks), Suburgatory...., so many! I might have to blog about it, haha

  11. Speaking about TV, my husband and I are obsessed with Dexter and it makes the onset of the new school year a bit easier. Also, our Thursday night favs are The Office and The Community.

  12. hehe I am a tv addict too (I'll watch pretty much anything except the housewives franchise, reality tv involving too much yelling and ridiculousness)

    Super cute outfit! I love that it is a perfect combination of summer and fall.

  13. @Lilly's Style, @Really Petite - Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the AE jacket is old. I've seen many cropped peacoat/trench versions out there though, so hopefully you'll have some luck!

    @katattack2000 - I handle cold-to-warm weather better than I do warm-to-cold weather... but both are still much better than the dead of winter ;) Sending some sunshine your way!

    @Keji - Thank you :)

    @Stylepint - I just looked over the big network's fall lineup and can't believe some shows are coming back NEXT week! Where have I been?! Apparently not as big of a TV fan as I thought lol :(

    @easy petite looks - Keep your outfits coming please! They're great sources of inspiration :)

    @a Bug and Bird, @Jane - 2 recs for Modern Family... I'll have to check that out this fall :) I was afraid my list of shows will be too long :D But here goes: Glee, Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries, Revenge, 90210, Desperate Housewives, Charlie's Angels. Yeah, I won't ever grow out of the the chick flicks/teeny-bopper phase ;)

    @Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies - Do you watch Big Brother? A lot of people prefer Survivor to that but I'm a huge BB fan. But man, what a time commitment.

    @Olyvia - I didn't see Pan Am on the networks I browsed today... will have to remember to add that to my list! I too am looking forward to Charlie's Angels. Chick flicks ftw!

    @Jenn - Bf makes fun of me for missing the jokes gene because I don't laugh at comedies! So I tend to stick with teenage and chick flicks :)

    @Elle - I'm not much of a reality fan either, except Big Brother. That's one show I look forward to every summer. I'm sad to see it end soon but am looking forward to the fall shows!

  14. i love this peacoat on you!! and i'm really looking forward to the fall tv shows too, lol.

    cute & little
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  15. ohh cee those ballet flats are ADORABLE on you.. i've been looking for a pair of ballet looking ballet flaps with the tiny little bow on the front like yours!! i love the pop of pink on you!

  16. I'm excited for my boots...although I will be hating them again by January, most likely :)

    Also, I second the tv show obsession...there is only so much Bachelorpad/Jersey Shore that I can take before I need my real tv shows to return!

  17. I love that peacoat! I don't think I remember seeing it before but I also have preggo brain.

    We're getting cooler weather here too and I can't tell you how THRILLED I am that the high for the last couple of days has been 68 degrees! So for me, fall is all about moderate temps and being able to break out the blazers / cardis / scarves :) As for DVR, I'm all about the cheap (hence the refusal to turn up / down the thermostat for respective seasons) but for a TV-aholic like me, it is SO WORTH IT!

  18. @kileen - I sat down and compiled my TV schedule in Excel (hahaha I know, I'm a huge nerd) this morning. WAY too many shows on my to-watch list this fall... and some overlap! That's going to force me to pick which ones are more important. Boo!

    @Lisa - Just to enable you even more, the ballet flats are my most comfortable flats EVER. Even my designer ones.

    @Tara - Black riding boots are on the top of my list, so I wouldn't mind warmer weather for another few more weeks :D

    @SewPetiteGal - Hehe, the peacoat's old. I think I've worn it a few times in the past, ages ago. High five for being cheapos! I don't use the AC much either (but I need to use heat in the winter). I think with many shows overlapping/same time slots, once/if I get tired of watching them online, I may have to look into DVRs... :(


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