Rainy Day 2.0

by - Wednesday, September 28, 2011

You bet I remembered to test the umbrella this time before heading out. Unfortunately this photoshoot didn't go all that smoothly either. See the blur in the upper left hand corner of the last photo? I thought water droplets fell onto my camera lens, until I saw it appeared in only a few photos. Turns out, it was my makeshift camera poncho using a sandwich bag that was the culprit. Imagine the bag covering the camera, but with a crude hole poked through for the camera lens. I wish I had another camera on me at the time to take a picture of my genius-yet-ghetto creation, hahaha. Hmm... I wonder if I can market this idea to the AsSeenOnTV people.

jacket: American Eagle short peacoat (similar; similar)
belt: J.Crew piped glitter (similar; similar)
shorts: American Eagle washed favorite (this season's version sold here)
bracelet: Forever 21 rope/cable bangle (the real deal; similar)
ring: Forever 21 faceted faux gemstone (sold here)
socks: Forever 21 colorblock over the knee (sold here)
boots: Burberry exploded check rainboots (sold here)

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  1. I'm so sick of the rain...I really to invest in cute rain boots!

  2. I am really tired of the rain too. Love your boots tho. Hopefully, the weather will be nicer this weekend :)

  3. Haha! Smart idea with the makeshift camera bag.

    Love this outfit you put together. Boots with knee high socks peeping out always looks so cute!

  4. It hasn't rained here since June. I am looking forward to it. This is a really cute outfit.


  5. Camera poncho - that is genius!! I always love when you break out the rain boots - gives me ideas for how to wear mine. I snagged a pair of Missoni for Target and am still trying to figure out if I should keep or return.

  6. I really dislike rain, big time. Love the rain boots paired with shorts! I really need to get me a pair of rain boots..someday :)

  7. these are lovely rain pictures!! i love the trench + shorts + rainboots combo -- it's like a rainy day version of the blazer + shorts combo that is my fave. and i'll probably need to figure out some sort of rainy day setup too...

    cute & little

  8. Cee I would love to see a pix of your creation!! I bet it would be a good laugh hehe. I don't own any rain boots but saw a Missoni boots at target that is super cute last week..too bad they are kids size!

  9. hahaha! Cee, you are so brave! I stay indoors in the rain and I DO NOT look cute like you!

  10. @TaraMixandMatch, @Lilly's Style - I'd say go for it! I'll admit I bought these boots b/c of the way they looked, but surprisingly I've been using them quite often, especially with all the rain we've gotten this year. My cost/wear is slowly going down!

    @PetiteLittleGirl - Unfortunately for me, temps will be dropping 10+ degrees this weekend. In a way I'm looking forward to it though because I can start wearing fall clothes for real this time around :)

    @JC - I need to find more ways to wear knee-high socks besides with boots all.the.time. If you have any suggestions, feel free to send them my way!

    @Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies - Whoa, 3-4 months is a long time without rain. Hopefully your area isn't going through severe drought.

    @SewPetiteGal - Umm.. why didn't I think to call it camera poncho?! There I was trying my hardest to describe it, taking up 30 words when 2 would do! Silly me :) Please do a reveal of your new Missonis when you have time and we can help you decide!

    @kileen - I usually stick the camera + tripod underneath some kind of covering, ie: awning, gazebo, etc. and then "brave" the rain in my umbrella, lol. So far so good.

    @simplyvonne - Hahaha, I'll recreate it next time when my bf is around b/c his phone has a camera ;)

    @Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews) - Summer rainy season is the only time I can try to look put together. Rain in the winter? Not stepping foot outside, haha.

  11. Love the combination of the rain boots and the shorts. I haven't been able to bring myself to try that, yet, but it always looks so cute on you.

    And I would have been so proud of myself for rigging up any kind of camera poncho...you better believe I'd have taken a picture of it :)


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