by - Friday, September 30, 2011

A friend in real life (Hi L!) discovered my blog the other night. Eep! So much for anonymity lol. Though to be fair, it was only a matter of time. Bf did warn me that hiding behind sunglasses is as conspicuous as Ryan Reynolds donning his Green Lantern mask, hahaha. Blake Lively saw right through him in seconds; it really shouldn't have been any different for me ;)

Have a great weekend!

necklace: H&M with pearls & bow (similar)
ring: Forever 21 delicate etchings (similar)
belt: J.Crew piped glitter (similar; similar)
skirt: Express cotton sateen mini (this season's version sold here)

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  1. What did your friend say? I had a really hard time telling my friends about mine, and then I finally just posted it on my FB profile. I never really got any comments about it, so I didn't think anybody was reading it, and then all of a sudden when I would get into more private conversations, they would start telling me that they read it, and really liked it. I'm always astounded by that.

  2. you mean you dont tell your friends about your blog?? buuuut your blog rocks and you should be sooo proud of it. !! happy friday!

  3. I'm always afraid of people from work figuring me out! I think they'll think I'm uber superficial and only focus on clothes.

  4. I just found your blog and and am loving your style. Can't wait to read more!

  5. LOL...I have a few IRL friends who read my blog. I find it kind of amusing we keep our blogs secret but strangers can read them. I usually forget that my friends do because they don't usually comment, until I see them and they mention something I posted!

  6. How funny....you should be proud to be such a great blogger Cee :) But I def understand the whole anonymity thing!!!

  7. @Kari. - She asked if I had a fashion blog b/c there were too many keywords about my life that I've used throughout. Though the face was what tipped her off :) I'm still not as brave as you for sharing with friends... maybe one day!

    @lica, @Really Petite - Haha yes, I'm weird like that. Need to get over this phobia (?) of mine :)

    @Jenn - That's another worry too... friends is more okay, but coworkers? Especially when it comes to spending? Even if they don't want to, I know it'll be hard not to judge.

    @eek - Yes! I'm still getting used to my bf mentioning it every once in awhile, "so I was reading your blog today..." haha. It gives me a jolt every time.

  8. Hi Cee!

    I love your styling! -I'm a new and anonymous blogger and struggle with how to advertise myself since I can't do it with friends :-/

    Anyway, LOVE the white after Labor Day!


  9. none your friends know that you blog? wow you did a good job at keeping it a secret for sure! Most of my friends know that I blog but I dont know if they visit my blog at all actually. Some just come look at pix of Kaylee once in awhile..btw it was my husband's bf..not Kaylee =)

  10. @La Professionnelle - Hmm... I'm not sure how I got to be where I am with people discovering my blog. There's the random Google searches that lead to hits on my blog, but most is probably from friends I've made online and links through their sites. Give it time to develop friendships and I'm sure you'll see your readership grow :)

    @simplyvonne - D'oh! Reading comprehension fail. Happy belated to your husband! Haha no I'm not ready for my real life to mix with my Internet life yet (kinda ironic b/c this is the world wide web lol)... maybe someday :)

  11. awesome outfit!
    the skirt is so gorgeous, but shirt is so incredible!

  12. Cee- I love your blog posts and pictures! I actually think showing your face completes the whole outfit (even though without it, your outfits still look fab!)!! If anything, you'd only gain support from your friends and family who come upon your blog!


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