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by - Friday, September 02, 2011

First, the J.Crew Café capri in wool in camel, size 00 (sold here). I didn't like the pants on me for many reasons: hem hits at an odd spot (petite versions are 2" shorter according to the SA), my butt looks huge (the rise would be shorter in petite versions), and the faux-pockets. The waist fit decently though and I really like the fabric.

Next, the American Eagle Herringbone Blazer in brown, size XS (sold here). The jacket looked better online than it did in person. It's much too short on me and kind of shapeless. On a true petite, the waist area should hit where it's supposed to and flare out properly. The shoulder fit me pretty well and may even be a bit on the tight side.

AE and aerie are both having a 40% off everything in-stores and online with code 28678011 for the holiday weekend.

Next, the Forever 21 Woven Menswear Top in orange, size S (sold here), which I saw on The Look 4 Less that is a great dupe for the Equipment Signature blouse. The top fit me well everywhere, and I would have sized up for the looser menswear look if the store had any of the royal blue color left.

There's an extra 30% off all sale items both in-stores and online.

Lastly, I couldn't walk out of the store without stopping by the accessories section. My only purchase of the day and I bought three bracelets. I don't see them online, so I've included the product code if you're interested in tracking them down in stores. From left to right:
(1) Forever 21 rope/cable bangle (product code: 78967286021) in silver is a great dupe for David Yurman's famous cable bracelet without the jewel tip. I also saw a gold version in stores.

(2) Forever 21 rhinestone snake chain bracelet in silver/clear (sold here). These bracelets vary in size and I went through the entire bowl to find the smallest one (probably one that nobody has tried on). Edit: Thanks to Elissa for pointing out this bracelet's weave being a great dupe for John Hardy's.

(3) Forever 21 chain link bracelet (product code: 00019692011) in gold (similar; similar). Compared to the previous two, this one is a bit harder to put on, but the bracelet was loose enough that I didn't have too much trouble with the toggle clasp.

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  1. I love the color of the shirt and those accessories are cute! Wish we had some of those stores here ;)

  2. love that we love the same stores, thanks for the sale info! can't wait to go home to the US for christmas and shop

  3. I may have to go pick up the David yurman- like bracelet. I was thinking of wishlisting some of his stuff...

  4. i agree with #1 looking a lot like the david yurman bracelets. i also think #2's weave looks a lot like john hardy. i might have to try to track down both!

  5. that's really too bad about the AE herringbone blazer. I was seriously considering it and was wondering if it was petite friendly.

  6. oh i love that david yurman knockoff bracelet! i was really impressed with all the bracelets i saw at F21 last weekend too and picked up quite a few.

    it's too bad about the J. Crew cafe capri pant. i love how it looks online but it doesn't seem promising now. oh well, money saved! :)

    cute & little
    TJMaxx Satchel Giveaway!

  7. I like all the bracelets you got! Do they fit your tiny wrist?

  8. I'm curious how the 00p or 0p wool cafe capris would look on you! And hm that AE blazer fits you mentioned the waist may fit better on a true petite, but the sleeves would then be ridiculously long. Thanks for the reviews!

  9. Great reviews Cee......I'm planning on running to the mall today so this is all very helpful!! ;)

  10. Cee, I'm so glad you reviewed the AE herringbone blazer! I had it in my wishlist since I'm loving herringbone jackets this fall. Good to know it doesn't look as good as online...saves me from ordering it online and then getting disappointed, haha :) You also have great jewelry picks! I went to Forever21 the other day all overwhelmed and couldn't find any classy jewelry.

  11. I wish J. Crew would carry the petite line in stores so fit can be gauged without guessing (or having to go through the online ordering process). I really like the F21 orange blouse on you! And great picks on the jewelry - I do love picking up trend pieces from F21 and H&M - such good deals!

  12. @katattack2000 - Sorry to hear that your area doesn't have these stores =/ Perhaps you can share similar local finds on your blog? :)

    @a Bug and Bird - No problem; keep us updated on your shopping finds!

    @easy petite looks - Let me know if you can't find anything and I can go back to my stores to look around :)

    @Elissa - Thank you for the John Hardy comment! I've updated my post :)

    @AubreyOhDang! - Hehe, I remembered the blazer on both your and Kelly's Pinterest, so when I saw it in stores I figured I'd give it a whirl.

    @kileen - I'm crossing my fingers that I may have better luck with the J.Crew pants in petites... perhaps when a great sale rolls around.

    @Shasie - I'm thinking the pants in petite sizing *should* fit me better. Here's hoping for a J.Crew sale soon!

    @Really Petite - The bracelets aren't perfect, but they're not horrible either. Sometimes they slide halfway up my arm, which I can handle. I own some other bracelets that slide all the way up my arm :O Don't know what I was thinking when I bought those!

    @PetiteAsianGirl - The blazer's sleeves are already super long on me; I don't know how anyone smaller would handle that. Boo AE!

    @Callandra - Can't wait to see what you come home with ;)

    @Olyvia - I'm glad you found the blazer review helpful! I remembered this on a few other petites' wishlists, so I'm happy to be able to try it on for size. Let me know if you can't find any F21 jewelry and I can check my store for ya :)

    @SewPetiteGal - I second the petite sizing in stores! The SA that helped me was nice enough to check their return pile for me, but no petite returns. I'm going to wait for a sale before ordering the pants again :)

  13. Great post! Nice bracelets!

  14. Cute bracelets Cee, love them!
    p/s sorry haven't visited your blog lately, you make everything look FANTASTIC and I don't want to be tempted to shop =) Been spending a lot of time outdoors w. the kids and dogs. How's your summer going?
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and I hope u have a fab weekend too.

  15. I really like that orange shirt..maybe tucked in with pants or even a skirt? I was never into orange back then but not slowing loving it.

    I will definitely let u know when we are heading up! :)

  16. LOVE the orange shirt too - and the Forever 21 bracelets! Obsessed right now with a wrist full of chained glitz:


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