Comfort Is Key

by - Friday, September 23, 2011

Who would've thought I'd be reaching for and alternating between two pairs of heels (one, two) this past week?! Besides in my dreams that is. Comfort is definitely not overrated.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

necklace: H&M with pearls & bow (similar)
jacket: American Eagle surplus anorak (similar)
top: H&M with lace sleeves via Elle's giveaway (similar)
belt: Express wide (similar)
rings: Forever 21 faceted faux gemstone (sold here);
Amrita Singh Deauville (sold here)
jeans: Hollister boot destroyed (sold here; similar)

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  1. I alternate between my shoes too!! I wear my AT patent pumps to death! Lol

  2. i havent worn any sort of heel in the longest time!! my feet are getting sore wearing flats. yuck. i love this outfit!! and the lake totally reminds me of camping :)

  3. This jacket looks comfy yet put together!

  4. I've been wearing my AT pumps almost every day. I am thinking about picking a back up pair. They're super comfy, aren't they?

  5. Love the jacket ;) i like this casual look :)

  6. I LOVE this outfit! So simple but so chic. I've tried to resist wanting a utility jacket like that but I love the way it looks dressed up. I think I'm now on the hunt for a green or brownish pink one :)

  7. beautiful! i love everything about this look!

  8. Such a perfect weekender outfit - I have that same jacket in camo!


  9. The AT perfect pumps are great. The first time I put them on, I was surprised by how comfortable they were! I love the padded footing and the extra arch support. I wore my first pair so much that I had to get two other pairs of the perfect pumps shortly after. Now I wear them exclusively at the office.

  10. i've been eyeing the AT Perfect Patent pumps for awhile but have yet to find them on sale in a size 5! hopefully one of these days... :)

    cute & little

  11. @R.L. - Green and brownish pink both due to Blair of A-P's influence, right? ;) Please let me know if you find a brownish pink one b/c I sure would be interested too!

    @My money, my life - YES! After wearing the AT pumps, I can't believe how UNcomfortable my previously purchased heels were. Gosh, and to think I thought I knew it all, lol.

    @kileen - I don't think they ever go on sale :( Perhaps with the discount codes is as good as it gets. I don't buy duplicates, but for these heels I would be tempted to :)

  12. I pretty much wear the same pairs of shoes to work too, which makes me feel sad for the other shoes which never get any love. Since blogging I've been better about rotating shoes but still tend to just wear one of my nude pumps when I don't have time to think.

    Love this super comfy outfit, very utility chic! :)

  13. Man I have to find an AT with shoes next time I'm in the US! Comfortable heels? This I've got to check out! You look amazing Cee, I love casual outfits with heels, I just wish I could walk in mine for a long time!

  14. I love the contrast with the worn jeans and the heels/Chanel combination. Just perfect :)


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