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by - Monday, August 15, 2011

Bf bought a $10 for $20 Groupon to Old Navy, but could only find a polo for $15, so the remaining amount was up to me. Just my luck, they were having a shorts sale that final weekend with many at $5. $5 shorts?! (Can you tell I'm not a great bargain hunter?) Even better, a lot of small sizes were left. I picked up these pink/purple shorts with a longer inseam than what I'm used to. No biggie; I need to start the transition away from short shorts and this was the perfect starter item.

I know I have a lot of pink items in my closet, so I wished these came in other fun colors. But for my first pair of colorful shorts at $2.50, I shouldn't nitpick too much.

Are you a fan of colored shorts?

A big thanks to Sunshine for the hidden-face-behind-leaves idea :)

necklace: Cara Accessories pearl & crystal statement (similar; similar)
sunglasses: Old Navy round metal-hardware (sold here)
belt: J.Crew piped glitter (may still be in stores; similar)
ring: Spotted Moth via Kendi's giveaway (similar)
shirt: Gap striped cowlneck (similar)
shorts: Old Navy perfect khaki 5" (sold here)
necklace as bracelet: H&M with pearls & bow (similar)
flats: Mossimo Desta ballet (similar)

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  1. Oh I am in LOVE with the whole outfit! That shirt fits you perfectly and I'm loving it combined with the color of your shorts (which I totally dig). And super cute preppy (my fave) touch with the tied striped shirt! Ok, have I drooled on you enough to soak you?

  2. I think the shorts are a perfect length for you! Oh, and of course I'm a fan of colored shorts! I absolutely love how you added the striped shirt for extra visual interest :)

  3. Love colored shorts, and I'm adding quite a few pieces to my wardrobe this year. A $2.5 pair of shorts that fit? That's insane. Even better, it looks great on you. :)
    Not a big fan of the hide-behind-the-leaf shot, Cee. Want to see your beautiful face!

  4. Those are such fun shorts - great $$ too!

  5. Those shorts you found are such a cute color. Old Navy has some amazing deals, i haven't been there in so long. I'll have to try it out now that they are having their super summer sales.

    Funny with the tree branch pic too...hehe


  6. i'll have to check my ON soon and look for those! i like how you paired them with the striped shirt, too. longer shorts look great on you too. i try to make the transition, but always come back to short shorts.

  7. Not bad for $5! (or $2.50) I am a huge fan of pink so I am really digging this ensemble.

    sigh. I haven't been able to wear short shorts in a few years and the thought that the inseam would only grow from here is a little sad. :(

  8. Fun colored shorts are my favorites this summer. Wow that us such a bargain, Cee! I like your behind the leaves shot..hehe.

  9. I adore colored shorts! I have a pair of vibrant red and bright seafoam/teal. The inseam is a great can always cuff them if they're a tad long.


  10. You mean these aren't short shorts?...Lol Yipes!! I'm showing my age :p Of course they look fabulous on you and I'm all for that color too! ;)

  11. I love neutral colors...seems to stay in style. Don't like to buy no more than what I need. But looks good on you.

  12. hahaha, on trying to hide the face behind a branch. Cee, you're hilarious! I love your purple shade of shorts, I haven't personally ventured into colored shorts to wear in public yet, but I've been loving the pop of colored shorts on bloggers lately :)

  13. LOL I just read Callandra's comment and I was thinking the same thing :P Still to short for me, but they look amazing on you Cee ;) and no need for you to hide behind tree branches - you're gorgeous!

  14. Lol at you, SPG, and Sunshine sharing "hidden face" tactics : ) $2.50 in the end for colorful shorts that fit is pretty awesome! Darn, I missed this ON groupon? I really never buy anything from there, but they have cheap basics, undies and socks which a half price coupon would've made even cheaper.

  15. Lol! I remember you telling her you were going to use the leaf idea! :p

    Colored shorts are great! Still wanting some yellow ones!!

    And your bracelets!! My eyes lit up when I saw that! Clever idea!

  16. As cute as the outfit is, this pic of you hiding behind the leaves is adorable!

  17. i LOVE colored shorts for the summer! such a fun twist on the standard denim shorts that i see everywhere. and you can't beat $2.50!! i can't believe i missed that ON groupon.

    and you have quite an arm party going on there! love it all!

    cute & little

  18. $5 shorts?! i went yesterday but didn't see any $15 shorts. i got some tops instead though :)

    tey look fabulous on you - and i love the color!!

    caroline - pictures & words

  19. I think bf & I had the same coupon. We spent SO long walking around the store looking for an extra $5 item. He just ended up buying two pairs of flip flops he did NOT need and will never wear. -_- LOL

  20. I love the stripes as an accent to your outfit. And that necklace totally jazzes up the whole outfit.

  21. those are adorable! 2.50... hm i may have to go check mine out.

  22. An adorable casual look! I love the striped accessory shirt :)

  23. @Erin @ MomsHaveStyle2 - I don't see the shorts on the website, but it may be worth it to check your local store. The plum color is one of the more unpopular colors :) Hope your move is going well!

    @TaraMixandMatch - Haha, I've been loving the use of clothing items as "accessories"... don't know why I didn't start doing that earlier!

    @Vicky - Lol, you aren't the only non-fan. People walking by next to me on the sidewalk were giving me odd looks for hiding behind leaves too.

    @Dale - I wholeheartedly agree. Besides these shorts, I think my second-cheapest bargain was a skirt for $3. I was ready to buy it for $10, but got a nice surprise instead when the cashier rang it up.

    @easy petite looks - I figured I'd take baby steps with this transition... an inch or 2 at a time shouldn't be too big of a difference. So far, so good :)

    @Elle - Why haven't you been wearing short shorts? I'm trying to get this out of my system before I hit the big 3-uh-oh.

    When I was out over the weekend, I saw the chic-est lady. She's got to be in her 50-60s, wearing tailored bermuda-length shorts, a striped top and cute wedges. I want to be her and pull off long shorts when I'm old :)

    @gold N turquoise - Great idea! I'll probably have to fold them up twice? Once would show visible threading? But maybe twice will be too short. I'll go experiment :)

    @Callandra, @Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews) - Lol, 1-2" at a time! Baby steps for me :)

    @TLCocoa - I look at my closet and I think the only colored items I own are similar styles to something else I already have in neutral colors. Wow that's a convoluted sentence. So I'm slowly branching out :)

    @Olyvia - Do you have any other face hidden ideas? You know me, I'd be willing to try most things ;)

    @PetiteAsianGirl, @kileen - Sorry! Next time I'll tweet about it. I saw it all over my Facebook so I thought everyone else knew about it too... but perhaps I just have a lot of Groupon-happy friends.

    @Michelle - I don't own too many bracelets, but I do have enough necklaces. So me and my penchance for getting the most wears out of my items, I figured, why the heck not?! That way people won't get tired of me wearing the same accessories over and over too, haha.

    @Kish - Tell that to the people walking past me giving me the side eye, lol.

    @caroline - I believe it was the last weekend in July for the shorts sale, but ON will continually bring back sales, so keep your eyes out!

    @The Little Dust Princess - Omg, us too! I thought it'd be a pretty quick in-and-out. Nope, not even close. At one point I was considering buying drinks from their mini-fridge just to use up the $5, lol.

  24. The way you covered your face with the leaves is so cute. I love your outfit. It's simple and cute.

    -Steph from chocolate laced

  25. I really love the jewelry you paired with this just puts such a classy spin on a casual look!

    And on my 4th of July outlet mall shopping spree, I stocked up on $10 shorts at the Gap in bright pink and purple. So, yeah, I'm a fan of the brightly colored short :)


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