Tee Off

by - Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ever since I saw this Nina Ricci dress with a hot pink slip, I've been itching to recreate my own. The neon pink tee that I've been wearing to death was long enough to be a tunic, but the problem was the v-neck. It looked really odd underneath the lace dress' crewneck, so I wore the tee backwards. Next, the tee's short-sleeves didn't look right with the dress' elbow-length sleeves, so donning a blazer solved that issue. And finally, so I wouldn't be going around flashing everyone, I decided a white mini skirt didn't look too out of place. Voila, all three problems solved. I quite liked the challenge and am loving the end result!

sunglasses: Old Navy round metal-hardware (sold here
blazer: H&M Divided boyfriend (may still be in stores; similar)
tee (underneath): American Eagle deep v-neck (sold here; similar; similar)
dress: Forever 21 Chantilly lace (similar; similar)
skirt: Express cotton sateen mini (this season's version sold here)
bag: Chanel M/L flap (similar)
flats: Valentino bow ballerina (similar)

*Nina Ricci dress image courtesy of Gilt

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  1. You look gorgeous!!! Seriously, I love this outfit. Such a pretty girl :)

  2. I'm AMAZED! You really managed to recreate the look using items you had already used to create vastly different looks. Remixing queen for sure! If you didn't want to wear a blazer, are the sleeves loose enough to tuck in to be sleeveless? At any rate, hot pink is something I usually stay away from but after seeing you rock this shirt in other posts, I just have to have a shirt like this now!

    P.S. Hollister has some gingham shirts for $24, so I'm going to try my luck with their XS.

  3. What a brilliant idea layering the lace dress over bright pink. I'll have to try that someday with my lace blouse.

  4. OMG. I have no words. AGAIN. I am usually speechless when I read and see ur posts...LOL


  5. Nicely done! I'm very impressed with the reconstructed look. You look great and the outfit is very creatively executed.

  6. Very inventive! Looks just like, if not better, than the original!



  7. Loving the pink layered under the lace here - somehow it totally works!

  8. I agree with RL. I love seeing your inspired posts because they take just a tiny bit of inspiration for the overall theme, but the pieces you use are incredibly different so the finished look is still your own and original.

  9. And once again, the queen of layering pulls off a genius move :) I am always amazed at how you can take a look and make it your own. I love the bright pink under the white!

  10. You are so creative! I would have never thought of so many different spins on things to recreate a look - it turned out beautifully :)

  11. I love these posts. I think it's great you added the black blazer on top because it really tones down the whole outfit.

  12. You are a genius! :p Love this look!!

  13. Wow, this looks great! What a creative approach to recreating a look...amazing job!

  14. Cee, LOVE how you did this look! I would have never come up with this, love it! Such a fun, girly, feminine outfit.

  15. Cee you are a genius! Seriously! I love this outfit...and love that you were able to recreate the look with the items in your very functional wardrobe. I heart your blog...so much!

  16. Thank you all :)

    @R.L. - It didn't even cross my mind to try tucking in the sleeves. Now I've got to give that a shot b/c I think the back dipping into a v-neck through the lace is unexpected and interesting. Thank you for the suggestion!

    My hot pink gingham shirt is from Hollister. Sorry, I must have left you off the Twitter chain a few weeks back :( Aubrey and Aubs both also tried it on I believe. Size S fits me nicely, so I think XS may work out for you. Keep me updated on how it turns out! :)

    @PetiteAsianGirl - Haha, more like a lot of inspiration ;) I should change the "inspired by" title to "look for less".

    @The Little Dust Princess - Me too; you should bring yours back ;)

  17. i have no words! this outfit is AMAZING.. you are so freakin creative!!!

    pink, lace, black blazer.. so chic and parisian. pure love!!

  18. I think your outfit turned out much, much cuter than the Nina Ricci dress! You have such a great sense of style & creativity.

  19. Are the Valentino bow flats comfy for running around all day? Also, if you can and don't mind, can you compare the fit to another similar or opposite flat? :) Thanks <3


  20. @La Professionnelle - The flats were not comfy at all in the beginning, but after a few wears, I've finally broken them in. They're pretty comfortable now but the elastic still digs into my heel after an extended period of time. It's not as bad as before, but certainly not the most comfortable of my flats. I went up half a size for this pair after reading reviews and due to the elastic back. My other flats (Mossimo, Miu Miu) I took my regular size but these do not have the elastic back. Hope that helps!

  21. ok seriously, you are too creative. *LOVE* is all i gotta say.


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