Ann Taylor Vintage Trench

by - Friday, August 05, 2011

I picked up this Ann Taylor Vintage Trench in maple, size XS P (currently sold here) last week at their one-day 40% off sale + extra 20% off (thank you Vicky for sharing the code with me!) I had seen this jacket briefly in person but wanted to wait for a sale.

The trench is made of heavy material, one that should keep you warm late into fall. The fabric is matte, which I liked a lot. The color is darker in person than it appears on the website/photos below -- a pretty camel shade.

The jacket fit me pretty well overall. The length and shoulder width were perfect. If I had to nitpick, I would wish for longer sleeves, but only because that's my preference. I'd say these were a tad on the shorter end.

For $109.44, this trench is worth the price. Unfortunately, it will be a return for me. The color was darker than I expected and I can't justify yet another camel coat. A lighter, closer to khaki-shade would have been perfect.

See it on Easy Petite Looks. Did anyone else buy/try this on? What were your thoughts?

necklace: Ann Taylor pave choker (sold here)
top: Ann Taylor cascading ruffle blouse - thanks to Elle (similar - short-sleeves)
skirt: Forever 21 scalloped linen blend (similar)

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  1. Cee! The trench looks really nice on you. Too bad the color looks too much like your other coats. This trench is definitely on the thicker side - almost an early winter coat. Not the same level of trench I was thinking of. Your nit picking sleeve problem is actually the opposite for me. The sleeves are bit too long on me, and I wish it was shorter. I don't quite like the tab on the bottom back either. Not sure what kind of look that is. Thinking of removing if keeping.

    1. Hi there
      I have kind of a weird question for you-I'm Canadian and we don't get Ann Taylor up here but I live her stuff because it's like the XS Petite sizing is MADE for me at her store.
      If you're not completely satisfied with your XSP trench I would LOVE, love, love to purchase it from you. I wpuld pay through Paypal so it would be legit.
      Please let me know:

  2. I agree with Vicky, the trench looks great on you but I understand the reason for returning it. I am the same way. I don't really buy duplicate/similar items. I have a trench that is similar to this one so I passed on the sale last week.

  3. Aww it looks great! I wish I could find one that fit me that well. Too bad you have to return it :(

  4. I was going to buy it, but I was traveling that day, and before I realized that I could use the extra 20% off code, it was OOS. Now that I see it on you, it's actually shorter than I thought it was going to be. I actually think the length is a little bit awkward. I usually like my trench coats to be a little longer or a little bit shorter. I'll have to try it on myself to see.

  5. the trench coat fits you pretty well (sleeve length is perfect!) but i kinda wish it was more fitted around the waist area instead of having so much bunching when it's tied. for $109 it's not too bad, but i agree it's too similar to your other camel trench to keep it.

    oh, i do love the polka-dot shirt paired with the red skirt! i'm gonna have to try that soon too. :)

    cute & little

  6. lol, another brick wall! loving the green brick, very different :) wow, that's a first on the sleeves being too short since most coats seem to have sleeves that are too long. Although this trench looks cute on you, I think there are better trenches out there for you too, keep searching!

  7. Maybe I'm not a connoisseur, but I think the trench looks perfect. The sleeves look to be a perfect length--not too long to get in the way, but not awkwardly short.

    The overall length is fine as well; I like a little bit of skirt/dress peeking through. Any shorter and it'd be awkward, any longer and you'd look shrunken.

    The fit is also great for a trench; it's not a peacoat or a motorcycle jacket. It's meant to be layered and a bit looser (?)

    It's a shame to return! :p


  8. It does look great on you...too bad you weren't in love with the color

  9. I think it looks great on you, and your outfit is very cute, too. I agree tho, no point in keeping too similar items (I do it too often!)

  10. It's lovely Cee!! Of course, I guess you probably wouldn't need two very similar.......(I'm crazy in love with the blouse your wearing)!!

  11. The jacket fits you like a glove! Sorry to hear you had to return it - I applaud you for your self-restraing!

  12. the jacket is really great. too bad it's a return, but seriously good for you for having the ability to return stuff that fits and is cute!

  13. Too bad you're returning it! It looks great on you. I love your skirt too! :)

  14. Thanks for the review!

    I love your blouse and skirt pairing! Ah!

  15. I actually prefer this coat to the Express one. The Express coat adds too much bulk to the bottom while this one has a nice streamlined look. Besides, I have a sneaking suspicion the Ann Taylor coat is of better quality.

    Too bad it's a return - it really does look very nice on you!

  16. @Vicky - Perhaps your dad will be able to work his magic and shorten the sleeves for you? If I had to choose, longer sleeves look much better than shorter sleeves.

    @PetiteLittleGirl - I'm not a duplicate item buyer either... but I have my eyes on these H&M riding boots, and am actually thinking of buying it in both colors! :O If the material looks as good in person that is :)

    @Kelly - It's okay, a trench isn't on the top of my wishlist. Hopefully being patient will pay off for both of us :)

    @Cher - Yup, I think you should definitley try it on in person. I'm taller than you by ~4 inches, so the trench might just hit you at your preferred spot. Plus I think you'll like the quality. Good luck!

    @kileen - Ahh, I didn't pay much attention to the waist area. Thank you for pointing it out. I'll have to keep that in mind for future decision making :)

    @Olyvia - Lol, I've been on a brick wall spree lately. Took another set of photos today against another wall :D I actually found the perfect trench at Zara a few weeks back, the right khaki color I loved and the right fit, length, and material weight. But the only size left was a M, which I was swimming in. Sigh, it wasn't meant to be. No biggie though because I believe my patience will pay off in the future :)

    @gold N turquoise - You pointed out everything that I noticed as well. I should have asked you to write this post for me :)

    @TaraMixandMatch, @purses and puppies, @Callandra, @JenlovesBal - It's okay though. Hopefully my patience will be rewarded in the future!

    @eek, @Elissa - Haha, for once my practical side came through. Better I return it as soon as I could before I get emotionally attached ;)

    @Michelle - No problem :)

    @Anna - You know, I believe I would have had a hard time choosing between this AT trench and the Express one if they came out at the same time. They each have their positives and negatives, but in slightly different styles. I suppose it's best that I don't have to make the decision? :)

  17. Keeper or not, it definitely looks good on you. I hear you on finding the perfect khaki color. I didn't realize there are so many variations of it.

  18. Good for you on being practical and returning it since the color is close to an existing coat of yours! That kind of logic doesn't run through my head :P

    It does look lovely on you though and I hope you find a true khaki color!

  19. When I got my trench earlier this year I was disappointed that it was lighter versus a dark khaki...but you make me feel better now about that decision! I like the fit of this coat and the quality looks good. Thanks for modeling it for us : )

  20. I think the it looks really nice on you but good job on returning it! Refrain Cee...LOL

  21. This looks exactly like the trench I have always searched for! I think the heavier fabric makes it sit better. I have a cheap one from H&M that really needs to beat it out of my closet.

  22. That's so sad about the color of the coat, because it really does look like a fantastic trench.

    I've been looking for a khaki trench coat, but I can't wear double breasted jackets...they just look weird on me. And do you know how hard it is to find a great trench that isn't double breasted?


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