Fall in Summer

by - Tuesday, August 02, 2011

I know today's outfit is more suited for fall, but when worn inside at the office (with the skirt pulled low), I didn't feel ridiculous.

I first saw this H&M snake-embossed envelope clutch weeks ago at a location in the city, fell in love (who would've thought since I hate snakes?!), but passed because I didn't have my 20% coupon with me. Days later, when I was ready to actually buy, I couldn't find it anywhere in the stores near me. This is what I get for wanting to save $4 lol. I was about to give up when I recently revisited one of the stores and saw they had restocked. Hallelujah!

I was pleasantly surprised to see that this clutch came with straps that can be worn cross-body. This is a new style for me, and I quite like having my hands free. I originally wanted to cut off the tassels because it looked like a weird brush, but now I don't think it's so bad. Thoughts? I can fit the same amount of items inside as I can with my Chanel M/L flap, reorganized in a different way. The only downside is I have to keep readjusting repositioning the the bag so it sits next to my hip. Otherwise, it constantly slides behind me and bounces off my bottom as I walk. Is this normal for cross-body bags? I wonder if I had worn clothing with more textures/ridges, the bag/straps would more likely stay put.

sunglasses: Old Navy (currently sold here)
jacket: American Eagle (similar)
bag: H&M (may still be in stores; similar)
flats: Valentino (similar)

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  1. Keep the tassels...they are cute!! I have zero experience with cross body bags, but they are on my list (getting longer with each blog I visit!)

    I love the purple and green! Ah! Great combo!!

  2. The straps on the bag get longer when you walk so you have to keep readjusting? No that's not normal. But the bag is cute! Keep the tassels!

    I'm really starting to get jealous of everyone who can wear anything but a tank top and shorts/skirt in the summer. This D.C. weather is killing me.

  3. I really like your jacket! I agree with the above! Purple & green = great combo =)

  4. Cee I'm sooo weird, I can't even touch snake print! Maybe you will get over your phobia quicker than I will!

    Yes that's the one thing I don't like about most crossbody bags is that they end up behind you. you shouldn't have to readjust the length though.

  5. Definitely keeps the tassels, makes the bag more interesting.
    I love crossbody bags, they're my go-to bags on weekends especially when I'm running around :)

    And love the belt over the jacket, looks great!

  6. i have that problem with cross body bags, too. it looks adorable tho! i also yank my skirt down for work and then pull it back up later, lol. this outfit almost makes me want fall. almost :)

  7. Really, this is your first crossbody? I think you just have to get used to it. I don't think I ever noticed the problem, but next time I'll pay attention and see if I experience the same thing. Did your AT trench arrive yet?

  8. i really love the tassels!! they make the bag much cuter and they're on trend right now too! as for cross-body bags hitting my butt, i have that problem all the time. i end up having to readjust pretty often or just walk with one hand on my bag (like in your last pic). what a beautiful bag though!

    cute & little

  9. I've seen it in store but didn't even think to try it on. I love it on you, Cee! I agree with everyone, keep the tassels

  10. Keep the tassle, I am not typically a tassle fan either but this looks ok to me! :)

    I miss out on things all the time because I want to save a dollar or two, so I can imagine the frustration. It's worth it now because you found it! I can't wait to see it in more outfit pictures!

  11. @Michelle - Oh man, my list of wants (on the sidebar) is getting longer by the day! Thanks for bringing up your wishlist because I should reread mine and hopefully cross off some items that have lost its appeal. But of course, more things will be added :)

    @Cher - Oops, I wasn't clear with my words at all. The straps aren't adjustable... it's the bag itself that slides behind me and the straps shift along, so I have to end up repositioning the straps or the bag.

    I handle heat much better than I handle the cold weather. I can usually stay outside a good amount of time before I start sweating. But when it gets going, I sweat a TON. Ok, TMI :)

    @Becky - Thank you! Those are two colors I'm trying to add more to my wardrobe.

    @Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews) - You know what's funny? I've got my eyes on another snake print item -- a pair of pumps! Elaine, WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!? lol. I think I need to go back and find pics of that AT snake bracelet. That'll bring me back down to Earth.

    @Lilly's Style - I hope this intro to cross-body bags doesn't lead me down a slippery slope ;)

    @purses and puppies - I often roll up my pants or hike up my skirt, especially on the commute home, haha. But nobody sees me, unless they're creepy when I'm stopped at a light, so it's ok :)

    @Vicky - Yup, my first. I don't have that many bags... I don't think :) When I start feeling guilty, I'll bust out the unused ones.

    My AT package arrived today but I was too lazy to go pick it up. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get a chance to swing by. Did you get yours? How did it fit?

    @kileen - Ok, now that I know I'm not an anomaly, I can put up with the constant adjustment. Thanks Kileen!

    @PetiteLittleGirl - Not even one dissent to cut off the tassels -- I must've been smoking something weird that day. Thank goodness I didn't go through with it on impulse :)

    @Elle - Everytime I think about trying to save a couple bucks, I should remind myself that the gas money used to go back would be practically the same amount. I just need to suck it up :)

  12. I wonder how I missed this bag? I love it! I'll have to swing by my H&M this week to see if they still have some. But yes, I run into that problem with the cross-body bags all of the time...it's constantly riding around to rest on my bum. And it can lead to skirt bunching, if it's too heavy...believe me, it might be something to watch out for if you don't want to moon the world (not that this has happened to me or anything...) :)

  13. Ha I totally empathize with the bag not staying put dilemma. I also have this problem where my skirt does a 180 or at least 90 as I walk. I always wondered if other women had that problem or if it was just me and my lopsided walk...

  14. what a great find! The clutch looks very unique! I like the tassle!

  15. I would never have guessed the clutch is from H&M - I love how you mix high and low end pieces :)

  16. This is definitely still summer appropriate...your gingham shirt is such a pretty, summery color! I hate snakes as well, but will totally rock snake print accessories lol

  17. i'm so excited for cooler weather because then i'll get to see all of your layered looks!

  18. Ooh! where did you get a 20% off coupon? Even though I'm not supposed to be shopping...

    And I totally hate the butt-bouncing that some cross-body bags do. :( I guess it happens with more structured, less body-contouring bags.

  19. @Tara - If you can't find the bag, let me know and I can pick one up for you. There should still be some left at my store :)

    I once had a short trail of toilet paper stuck out of my pants. This happened at work, and luckily I didn't go too far before one of my coworkers pulled me aside and told me. She couldn't hold her laugh in, but I don't blame her. I would've done the same thing, hahaha.

    @Petite-ish - My skirts shift too! Though not 180, but sometimes around 90 degrees or so. I think that's why I love pockets in skirts b/c I can stick my hand in and subtly readjust if need be :)

    @Olyvia - Thanks, the bag is definitely growing on me :)

    @eek - It's because I don't want to end up eating ramen paycheck to paycheck ;)

    @TaraMixandMatch - I'm glad I'm not the only one! I have my eyes on a pair of snake-print pumps next... man, when I fall for a print, I go crazy, haha.

    @Jane - I can't wait to layer to my heart's content either!

    @kimmie - Sent you a tweet about the coupon :)

  20. Sleeves are bit long, and it's thicker than I anticipated. It's almost a winter coat! I'll post a review when I get a chance. Might be a keeper.

  21. I heart cross-body bags and they almost all slide to the back. I have to hold on to the strap if I want it to stay in position. I like the tassel - I think you should keep it!

    Love the belted jacket look! Does this mean your heat wave is over? We finally had a day that wasn't in the 90s today :)

  22. Keep the tassle - it works with the bag and outfit. You look great!

    My crossbody bags swing around to the back also. I like it back there and I often find myself swinging it to the back on purpose. I'm also a fan of backpacks. :)

  23. I totally agree. I sometimes wear fall clothes because my outfit is so darn cold that I need more layers inside than outside!
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