Life As It Happens

by - Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Over the past week:

- My apartment's water heater broke for good. I'm crabby from two days of cold showers. Hugh Jackman I'm not.

- Sat dumbfounded through an earthquake because I didn't know what was happening. My coworker and I thought a helicopter had crashed into our building. Not exactly a stretch at the time, but kind of silly now. Hope everyone is ok and there isn't much damage.

- I went to court to fight a speeding ticket. I took pictures of the scene, drew out maps, googled as much of the proceedings as I can, only to find out the cop didn't provide sufficient radar reading. Case dismissed. Yay! I should've tested my luck by buying a lottery ticket.

- The rest of the day was spent in the city with stops at Zara and H&M. What better reason to go shopping than after getting out of a ticket? Oh who am I kidding, even if I had to pay the fine, I would've gone shopping afterward to cheer myself up, hahaha. I saw tons of items at H&M that's making their way around the blogsphere (and new items too), but nothing caught my eye. I went to Zara looking for a kids fur waistcoat, but only found the leopard print version in stock. I tried it on for size and now I'm leaning towards ordering the camel color in size L through Suddenlee. Please let me know if I'm making a bad choice :)

top (underneath): H&M - thanks to Elle (similar)
belt: J.Crew piped glitter (may still be in stores; similar)

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  1. Congrats on getting out of the speeding ticket! I was also surprised to hear about the earthquake. Who knew there was a fault line running through VA?

  2. Love this classy outfit, cee! What a week for you, not fun. I'm jealous that you have a zara and h&m by you!

  3. congrats on the court case!
    and u look very lovely, you probably would have got away with it ;P

    Breezeybee Blog

  4. I can't wait for the H&M's fall collection to arrive! I feel like the east coast gets everything so much later than everyone else! BTW - hello to fellow wahoo alum =)

  5. Your day sound super eventful Cee! So glad you're okay from the earthquake (I heard they evacuated the pentagon)! ...and you got off the speeding ticket...Yay!!! I'm thinking you might still want to grab that lottery ticket ;)

  6. I thought of you when I heard about the earthquake! glad you are okay!!

    You are making me so excited for that J. Crew belt, btw!! :p I love your top too! Too bad it is not current! :p

    I am emotionless regarding the vest. I do not hate animal fur, but I do not crave it. Either way, I am meh about it. But the way you wear your clothes, you would look great in a paper bag, so go for it!! :p

  7. Wasn't the earthquake crazy?? I love that white shirt on pretty! And Suddenlee rules...definitely go through them!

  8. I love faux fur...and the reg version and the leopard both look awesome...would totally snatch it if I already didn't have a fur coat and vest. I got into faux fur last winter...anyhows, I was in the office and I felt the ground and table shake but 5 feet away, my coworker didn't feel it. Funny.

  9. I am not a fan of the fur thing (sorry) but I love your outfit! And I thought of you as soon as I heard about the earthquake!

  10. LOVE the outfit, very classy :D And cold showers are awful, I can barely manage my 10 second cold rinse D: Thank god you were okay with the Earth quake and also, that you got the ticket off :D Shopping is always a good way to celebrate ;)

    Kitty x

  11. Thank goodness for getting out of the ticket!

    I love your effortlessly chic style - another outfit winner :)

  12. Glad to hear you're alright albeit shaken (saw your tweet). I'm a fan of faux-fur vests in general, but I'm not sure about the color of the camel having not seen it in real life. Maybe wait and check back at your store? Or did they say it was sold out and won't be restocked?

  13. I love your classic go-to-court look :)

    You fought the law and the law didn't win! OK, I'm a GIANT dork. Yay for getting out of your speeding ticket!

    We felt the earthquake all the way out here in Ohio - although I have to admit that I didn't notice. Our office building shakes every time the train goes by :P

  14. glad you are okay! the earthquake was a major shocker when I heard it on the news at lunch, especially since my sister just flew to Baltimore, MD for vacation today! Ooh, the fur vest looks quite interesting...I think both size L and XL looks good on you according to your photos, some how the xl gives you better waist definition, or maybe it's just the angle.

  15. glad you were able to get out of the speeding ticket! looking hawt in your black and white outfit, cee. man, that glittery belt looks so good on's tempting me, hehe.

  16. just checked the website...sold out...:-(

  17. i love the black and white classic outfit (and you can never go wrong with Chanel!). and lucky that you got out of your speeding ticket too. i love the fur waistcoat and say buy it if it's still available!

    cute & little

  18. I wished I knew to fight a ticket when I had the chance! And what a crazy earthquake today! I was surfing the internet when it happened and didn't know what hit me. I think you would be able to pull off that fur vest nicely for the fall and winter! Go for it!

  19. Oh, I love this outfit so much...and I am now convinced that all of my pencil skirt + blouse combos NEED a Chanel purse to complete the look.

    Because...well...they just do!

    I'm glad you stayed safe during the earthquake, I hope the hot water heater gets fixed soon, and congrats on getting out of the speeding ticket!!

    PS: I have to admit, picturing you drawing maps and doing google research to get out of said ticket has me giggling to myself a little :)

  20. Fantastic figure, very svelte, and great sense of style!

    I was so worried about friends and family with the earthquake, glad you are alright! I bet it was scary!

    Nice blog!

  21., @BreezeyBee - Haha, no congrats necessary :) I completely lucked out without even having to state my case. But hey -- I'll take it!

    @easy petite looks - If there's something you want from H&M I can probably pick it up for you. The one by me is smaller and not as well stocked as the one inside the city, so that's why I always make a point to go whenever I'm there. DC planned it well with Zara right next door to a H&M. Oh how I wish I lived closer :)

    @shimmering2light - Hi fellow wahoo! What year were you if you don't mind me asking? :) I think the bigger H&M locations are very well stocked. The one I went to was by Metro Center and it had so much more (and lots of sizes too) than the Tysons store.

    @Callandra - Yes, I couldn't imagine what it must've been like for the Pentagon workers... it must've felt like deja vu all over again b/c of 9/11. I talked to a couple of my friends who work there and surprisingly they were pretty calm and asking if the rest of us were ok.

    @Michelle - You're so sweet to think of me <3 I have similar feelings about the vest. If you had asked me last year for my opinions, I would've said hell no, lol. But somehow I'm looking at it differently this year and can see it as a great layering piece... probably won't keep me too warm, but the style unlike anything else in my closet and it's making me want to try out trends :)

    @TaraMixandMatch - Just placed a humongous order with Suddenlee this morning. Wish me luck that they'll be able to find most of it!

  22. @Jarucha - Glad to get approval from a faux fur expert :) I placed an order this morning so hopefully Suddenlee will be able to find it. Cold weather can't come soon enough!

    @Elle - Thanks for thinking of me <3 Still in one piece, but what an experience. I giggled when you called it a fur "thing", hahaha. And don't be sorry; I value all opinions :) Bf agrees completely with you. I don't think he's going to come anywhere near me if the vest works out.

    @KittyBonkers - I didn't feel clean washing my face with cold water, so I went and heated up a pot of hot water the old fashioned way. Wow, talk about feeling spoiled and taking things for granted! We are truly so lucky for modern conveniences.

    @eek - An unexpected, but welcome outcome regarding the ticket, so I'm not complaining!

    @PetiteAsianGirl - I think it's a relatively new item b/c the SA said they're expecting a shipment this week/next week. The white version looked the same in real life and online, so I'm gambling the same can be said about the camel. Well, because I just placed an order with Suddenlee this morning, so I'm hoping for the best. If not, I'll make up a reason to go back into the city :)

    @SewPetiteGal - If you're a dork, then I'm a complete nerd for preparing and going in with sheets of paper while everyone else was just holding their ticket, lol. I lucked out but I sure won't be complaining :)

    @Olyvia - Eeek! Hope your sister is okay and can continue her vacation without worry. Size XL is longer, so perhaps somehow it dipped in at the waist? I didn't like how the armholes were huge though. Size L hits higher so it fell straighter (don't know if I'm making any sense). I ended up ordering a L in camel, so I hope it works out!

    @kimchi girl - The belt is still available! I think it pops back up every so often *nudges you toward J.Crew* :D

    @kileen - Just placed an order for the fur vest! Crossing my fingers that it works out!

  23. @Jenn - Everyone was telling me to go to court since it was my first ticket. I guess the judge might be more lenient? So that along with a mistake the officer made on the speed limit made my decision to go relatively easy. Hopefully you or I won't have to face this dilemma for a long time (if ever!)

    @Tara - Hahaha cuz you can picture what a nerd I am? All I need are those black-rimmed glasses to complete the look.

    Your Kate Spade wish came true this past Mother's Day. A Chanel for next year's isn't that big of a stretch, right? ;)

    @lilyonthewater - Thank you and hopefully your friends and family are safe and sound as well!

    @Lindsay @ A Walk in the Closet - Thanks :)

  24. Such a sophisticated outfit!!

    Congrats on winning your case! I haven't gotten a speeding ticket yet *knock on wood*, but I have gotten my share of parking tickets. lol

  25. Argh, Suddenlee is not availabe in my area! Bummer for me - but awesome for you for getting out of a ticket!

  26. omg I am sooo going to Zara to look for the fur vest!!!!!

  27. glad to hear that your ok :) I didnt even know it was an earthquake until we all got out of the building. My hubby didnt know either, he thought someone got into our home and running around like crazy :D

    good thing u got out of the ticket, I always think..with that money I can buy this or that :D I have never been to Zara but definitely want to go when I go visit DC!

  28. Please give more information about what an insufficient radar reading is (I need to store that away for future reference). So glad to hear that you got out of it. I am sure that you will make the fur vest work;, you have a knack for that. And you look very professional and chic in this picture. Really like it.

  29. @JenlovesBal - I once got 3 parking tickets in a day because I parked in a 2-hr only zone. Somehow I thought it'd be okay for a day. FAIL lol.

    @Lisa - respect the shoes - I think Suddenlee only goes as far south as VA. But... Zara online opens shop 9/7!

    @The Little Dust Princess - Which color are you looking for? Do let me know how your trip goes!

    @simplyvonne - Hahaha it was definitely an experience to go through. Very different than what I had envisioned/seen on TV. I'm just glad we're all ok :)

    @Kari. - I wish I can remember the prosecutor's exact words, but from my understanding the cop failed to get a radar reading on how fast I was going, or didn't document it properly (I'm guessing there is a procedure they all follow). So they could not charge me for speeding because they don't have evidence to say I was. Hope that helps!

  30. Such a cute work outfit Cee! And YAY for getting out of your ticket- woo hoo!!! :P

  31. Eeeps that top is so nice! It's a classic and a basic but I just love how it drapes on you!


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