by - Thursday, August 04, 2011

What would you say is overdone among style blogs? I'd pick posing in front of the requisite brick wall. And yet here I am today, doing just that, lol. An abandoned warehouse building was too secluded to pass up a photo opportunity. I can now call myself a style blogger?

sunglasses: Old Navy (currently sold here)
necklaces: Etsy SewPetiteGal via giveaway (currently sold here); J.Crew (similar)
shirt: American Eagle (similar)
belt: Ann Taylor (other colors sold here)
skirt: Forever 21 (currently sold here; similar)
bag: Chanel (similar)
flats: Valentino (similar)

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  1. haha you're too funny. I'm not sure if I've even done the brick wall pics myself, but I think I vaguely remember doing so. I like the chambray over the stripes. Great look!

  2. lol, and yet I never tire of seeing the brick wall, it always makes for a good picture. I like your brick wall! and your outfit of course :)

  3. haha, how funny that the brick wall is so prevalent among fashion blogs right? i love the mix of chambray and stripes in this outfit and you do the perfect casual tuck of your top!

    cute & little

  4. Oh! Creative face pic!!

    I love this skirt of yours!! You styled it so nicely!

  5. I really want a striped skirt like that! Oh, and you look totally chic in front of the brick wall :)

  6. LOL - I guess a blank wall makes a better canvas off which to show your outfit!

  7. All you need now is to look down with a faint smile, one hand on your hip and your legs crossed, then you will have mastered standard fashion blogger pose #14! ;o)

    But hey, when it works, it works!

  8. Hehehe. You've always been a blogger with style!! :D

  9. @The Little Dust Princess, @eek, @LePetiteLemon - Haha, glad you guys get my sarcastic sense of humor ;)

    @Olyvia - Just when I had thought I've had my fill of brick walls, I went and found a colored one today, lol. A green one in a secluded tennis court. Of course I went and took pics :)

    @kileen - I want to say b/c brick walls are easy to find? But most of the ones I've seen are in visible sight and hard to take private pics... until I found this one.

    @Michelle - I was turning in circles and I got lucky that my hair just so happened to not be blurred :)

    @TaraMixandMatch - The skirt is $6 at F21 and no tax this weekend online! Not that it would've been much, but it's always nice to save :)

    @Lisa - respect the shoes - Or another of my favorite, hand in hair pose ;)

  10. That's funny Cee!! (I have noticed the brick wall thing but I still like it) hee Your hair is looking awesome by the way ;)

  11. I just posed against a brick wall the other day for the first time ever! ... My apartment in the background doesn't count. :) But it's got to be the easiest backdrop to just focus on the clothing that the blogger is wearing! That's my thought, anyways.

    Your outfit is great!

  12. Do you carry your tripod with you in the car? Mine is still at home..most of outdoor shoots are from hubby since I still uncomfortable taking pix outdoor by myself :D


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