Leafy Green

by - Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sorry for posting white outfits with trees as backgrounds two posts in a row. I actually wore the previous outfit a week and a half ago, but didn't get a chance to publish until this week. Today's outfit was worn yesterday. When pink clothes need to be laundered, I turn to white. A creature of habit? That's me.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

sunglasses: Old Navy round metal-hardware (sold here
belt: J.Crew piped glitter (may still be in stores; similar)
shorts: American Eagle washed classic (this season's version sold here)
ring: Amrita Singh Deauville (sold here)
clutch: H&M snake-embossed envelope (may still be in stores; similar)
flats: Old Navy faux-leather thong sandals (sold here)

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  1. Oh, if only I cared for the whole sports thing. I just enjoy the gym a division 1 school has to offer!

    I have my nose in a book usually, so no rivalry there :)

    I was considering buying that same LOFT top you have on - but isn't it too sheer? How did you get over that?

  2. Very pretty! I love your J. Crew belt! You have me lusting for a sparkly belt!

    So glad we are getting more head shots! :p

  3. you look amazing! white is such a crisp any occasion colour that goes with everything (not funerals :/ i especially adore the green cardigan or jumper.

    BreezeyBee Blog

  4. Looking great! You are so perfect in white!

  5. I love that you're wearing all white. You look great!!

  6. i need to try this all-white style sometime. it looks so chic and preppy! and i love how you tied the shirt over your shoulders. i wish i could pull that off without looking awkward!

    cute & little

  7. classic and chic, just like you!

  8. You always look so put together and this look is no different :) Very nice!

  9. Whit on white! I'm loving this look so much Cee. Perfect for this time of year and a timeless classic. I swear you get prettier in each new post ;)

  10. I love the sweater over the shoulder look.....on other people, it just always looks awkward on me! You pull it off with total panache! Love it.

  11. Thank you everyone :)

    @Anna - The top is semi-sheer, so I usually have on a cami underneath, or in this case, a thin white v-neck tank with 3/4 sleeves (it's actually peeking through on my right arm, haha. oops!)

    @Michelle - Oh my gosh, I've been wearing this J.Crew sparkly belt everyday. Hopefully y'all aren't sick of it yet!

    @BreezeyBee - For once, my naturally darker skin comes in handy b/c it looks great against white. That's the reason I give for wearing so much of this color ;)

    @kileen, @Noelani - It took me about five tries to get the shirt tied in an, oh-I-just-slung-it-over-the-shoulder-casually look ;)

  12. You look lovely in white so I can see why it's a go-to color for you :) I so love when you do preppy outfits - it just speaks to me!

    Hope you had a great weekend!!

  13. i love seeing more and more of your pretty face Cee!!! the white look awesome on you!


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