Furry Experience

by - Thursday, March 01, 2012

I wore this outfit a few weekends ago to the movies with my bf. I think it was his first time seeing me wear this faux-fur vest because when I walked out, his expression looked like this -- body recoiled back, mixture of fear and disgust flitting across his face. The closer I walked towards him, the more he backed away. You'd think I was a bully about to steal his lunch money. Instead, all I wanted to do was show him that the vest doesn't shed like what he's imagining. Of course as I demonstrated, strands of fur floated slowly to the ground, hahaha. Sigh. So much for backing up my case.

necklace: Amrita Singh Nello (similar)
vest: Zara Girl fur waistcoat (similar; similar)
top: LOFT tie neck drapey (this season's sold here)
bracelets: Forever 21 mixed (similar); Forever 21 chain link (similar; similar)
ring: Forever 21 delicate etchings (similar)
shorts: Old Navy pleated cuffed (similar)
tights: American Eagle (similar)
bag: Rebecca Minkoff basketweave MAM (this season's sold here)
flats: Sam Edelman Hera (sold here)

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  1. I really like how you put together your outfit! And I really like your shorts. While my husband doesn't recoil the way your bf did to furry articles of clothing I wear, he definitely seems to find my combination of shorts and leggings in the winter really weird! lol
    Loving your style!


    1. It's so interesting to hear what men deem as "normal" vs "weird", isn't it? I should start keeping a list of absurd things my bf says about my outfits, haha.

  2. love your vest!!

  3. i wish i felt comfortable in shorts and tights, it looks perfect!!

  4. very cute!

    xo julesinflats.blogspot.com

  5. Bahahah, I ended up returning a furry vest I purchased from Zara last year because the first thing BF said to me when he saw (and I wasn't even wearing it) was why there was a dead run over raccoon in the closet. And the "jabs" did not end there, so as you can guess, I have yet to keep a furry vest ...

    1. Lol I keep my vest inside one of those dry-cleaning plastic garment bags... farrrr away from his section of the clothes, so there's nothing for him to complain about ;) I say don't give up on your search yet... there may be one that both of you will like :)

  6. LOL!!! love that story! My husband dislikes my faux-fur vest too...he asks me if I'm going to accessorize with flea collars...

    1. Hahaha don't you love the things men say about what we wear?! It's a great source of amusement that's for sure ;)

  7. Love the layering of your pieces. The shorts and the tights look gorgeous on you!

    - xoxo


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