Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012!

by - Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Happy new year, everyone! My flight landed on New Year's Eve, but I did manage to stay up to see the clock strike midnight. Shortly after that I slept for a good 12 hours. Jetlag, I'm over you.

I'll be honest, my 2011 resolutions were promptly forgotten after a few months *ducks head* and only resurrected because it's a new year.

How did I do?
(1) I did manage to stop buying useless dresses. All the ones I've bought in 2011 have been worn at least twice, I believe. Some were worn more than that (as they should).
(2) Fat to weight ratio have probably remained the same but redistributed throughout the rest of my body. Once a lazy bum, always a lazy bum.
(3) I did end up taking a vacation (at the end of the year, just barely). High five!
(4) I've surprised myself with heels this year. Not only have I been wearing them more, I've been easing into 4" territory. I'm still quite the wobbly-walker but slowly gaining more balance.
(5) I broke this one and it happened only 5 months into the year.

All in all, 3 out of 5 isn't horrible. I don't think I'll be setting any for myself this year, because well, I'll probably forget about them in mere weeks. Again.

necklace: Etsy SewPetiteGal via giveaway (sold here)
tee: American Eagle deep v-neck (similar)
cardigan: J.Crew perfect-fit mixed-tape (sold here)
belt: J.Crew piped glitter (similar)
ring: Forever 21 delicate etchings (similar
pants: XOXO flared (similar)
shoes: Ann Taylor covered platform bootie (this season's version; similar)

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  1. You did well, 3 out of 5 is pretty good :)
    Love the neutral colors with pop of light pink in this outfit.
    Hope you had a great vacation!

  2. Welcome back, Cee! I've long since given up on making resolutions - just another bunch of things I won't do and feel bad about! ;o)

  3. I love the Zara jacket!! and this look of course!

  4. 3 out of 5 is totally job well done. Love the nudes tones in this outfit.

  5. Love that jacket and pants. I think you did good for 3 out of 5, Cee. I didn't achieve all of my 2011 resolutions but hoping to catch up this year especially on financial side of story. Welcome back, hope you had a great time.

  6. Happy New Year Cee...and keeping 3 out of 5 is impressive in my book :)

  7. Haha I can never keep my resolutions either bec I'm so unrealistic with them. But I think resolutions are meant to meant to be broken anyway ;)

  8. welcome back! i cant even remember my resolutions from last year, so you beat me!

  9. Oh! Look at you in your platform booties! :p

    Glad to you have you back...any vacation pictures to share? :)

  10. I think 3 out of 5 is better than me! Love the outfit - and I need to get better with wearing heels...

  11. Welcome back! Can't wait to see the vacay pictures if you took any :) I missed the part about your breaking the Longchamp, are those bags weak in the handles?

  12. welcome back! i hope you had a great vacation!

  13. Happy New Year and welcome back. 3 of 5 is pretty good. I hope you will share photos of your vacation with us.

  14. Welcome back my dear, cant wait to see pictures and hear about your trip! that's awesome you got to travel and take a break from blogging and enjoy yourself. 3 or 5 is great!

  15. Thanks, everyone. I had an amazingly fun time on vacation and will definitely write up a post once I sort through my pictures.

    @Olyvia - Sorry to be so confusing! I meant that I broke my "no buying a bag" ban 5 months into the year because of the Longchamp. The bag is still looking good with the handles in tact and not looking like they're going to break anytime soon *knocks on wood*

  16. LOL I don't even want to look back at what I wanted to do for 2011. But I guess I should :P Happy New Year Cee!!!!

  17. Welcome back! Great you had good time on your vacation! I like your jacket too.

  18. Yay, so glad you're back!! Happy 2012! I was good about resolutions for about 3 months and then they went by the wayside. I've made some for this year that are hopefully more realistic :)

  19. Welcome back Cee! Happy New Year to you! And yes you did great - 3/5 is fantastic. Love your Zara jacket- looks so nice on you :)

  20. I didn't even go back and revisit my 2011 resolutions, because I'm pretty sure I stopped paying any attention to them in March. Here's hoping to better luck in 2012 :)

    Hope you had a fabulous, fabulous trip!


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