Pink & Red

by - Friday, January 13, 2012

Hello three-day weekend! If you're off Monday too, I hope you have a great one!

sunglasses: Old Navy round metal-hardware (similar; similar)
scarf: gift from SewPetiteGal (shop her Etsy store)
coat: American Eagle classic peacoat (this season's sold here)
gloves: Lord & Taylor wrist-length silk lined leather (sold here)

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  1. I love the little peek of pink!

  2. Ahh, gotta love a 3 day! Looking very snug, love it!

  3. What a unique way to style the red gloves! I was pondering the other day what color gloves to buy and passed on the red ones because I couldn't think how it would make sense with any of my outfits. Now you showed me how it works! Love it with the pink!

  4. I really like how you wear all different kinds of brands/store pieces...some people always stick to a few always post a variety..I love it!

  5. Such a nice outfit. Everything looks just so right. :)

  6. So you decided to keep the AV booties over was it the MK ones? Looks great!

  7. Happy 3 day weekend to you too! Such a pretty color combo :)

    2:30am and Baby Girl shows no sign of sleeping so I'm trolling the blogs but unable to form a constructive comment - sorry!

  8. Love the way you styled these red gloves! You look so cozy!

    I am so excited to have three days off! I can catch up on sleep and house cleaning! :)

  9. @Olyvia - Hehe, I had the same dilemma with glove colors. Initially I was going with a "safe" light brown color to match my coats (which are mostly camel-colored). Then I thought, why the heck not? I should go with a fun, bright color to liven up the cold winter days. I hope you rethink your glove purchase! - SAs would say I have no brand/store loyalty, lol. Not exactly the type of customers they want. I think I just buy what I like. If it looks good, it doesn't matter what store the item is from :)

    @R.L. - Yup! AVs won out in the end. Thanks for helping me out!

    @SewPetiteGal - Aww boo! I had my first experience with babies when I went back to Taiwan. One of my cousin's baby is almost 1 and I thought for sure none of us would be able to sleep through his cries. Thank goodness he was pretty good the few days we were all together (or I'm just a deep sleeper). Hope baby girl gets her act together soon ;)

    @Michelle - Sounds like a good plan! I'm going to try to do the same, minus the house cleaning, hahaha.

  10. nice winter outft! I love your coat and ofcourse your chanel!

  11. Love this entire look, the pop of pink and the red gloves are perfection.

    Red Soles and Red Wine

  12. You are too cute, with your bundled up layers :)

    I love the plaid cuffs peeking out from the jacket sleeves!

  13. love love your purse!! ok im thinking of investing in one..yes invest lol can i ask where did you get yours from? I went to Saks in Richmond but im thinking whether to even get one used.

    1. @simplyvonne - Lol, "investment" would only pay off when you sell it ;) I got mine from Neiman Marcus 1-2 weeks before one of their ridiculous price hikes. I paid retail price at the time and really wanted to buy from a Chanel boutique for the pretty boxes and camellia flower gift box decorations hahaha. I think if you're going to buy brand new, it might be worth it to shop at the Boutique for the experience (that is, unless NM, Saks, Bloomies, etc. has a promo going on, ie: where you get a % off from opening their cards). Going the used route would be a great option too. There are many bags out there that are in such great condition. Check out The Purse Forum for reputable online places to buy from. Good luck girl!


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