Not White Pants

by - Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Unbeknownst to me until halfway through the day, I was walking around in dirty white pants. Not to gross anyone out, but they were big ol' patches on the back. I'm sure someone could've kindly told me earlier, but nope, I had to discover them for myself when I was having a vain moment -- checking myself out in the bathroom. Sigh. At least for once that paid off.

PS - I've finally updated my closet page up above.

turtleneck: H&M basic jersey (similar)
blouse: Ann Taylor cascading ruffle - gift from Elle (similar)
bracelets: Forever 21 chain link (similar; similar);
Forever 21 mixed bangles (similar
belt: Express (similar)
pants: LOFT Julie linen trousers (similar)
flats: Sam Edelman Hera (similar)

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  1. It's okay. It happens to all everyone! Great outfit from the front side anyway! I love AT Loft linen pants. I got a pair last year. But I think I'm going get them altered - a bit long and a bit wide at the hips. I tried to style as the loungy, beach, vacay wear - but I just look like I'm pregnant again.


    1. Haha I have the opposite problem. I think my pair is just a tad short, especially when wrinkles bunch up the length.

  2. oh no! im always super cautious when wearing white or light colored pants. i always somehow get them dirty. i need to get a steamer and take out my wrinkly linen summer clothes!!
    Easy Petite Looks

  3. Very chic color combination! I'm always afraid of getting my white pants dirty. ... I really hope someone would tell me if they were!

  4. Aw no, I hate it when my clothes are dirty and I walk around oblivious to it. xD At least you found it!

    I love the awesome minimalist b&w-ness of this; I think I'm gonna have to recreate it! Is it ok for me to do a 'inspired by' outfit post for my blog based on this outfit?

  5. Love it! So classic chic. Oh and I feel you. I had the same issue with my shirt a few weeks back, and my mom was the one that finally told me, halfway through the work day that my husband's tires had stained my silk top. Lol.

    1. Thank goodness for family members for telling it like it is ;)

  6. You look awesome. I hate it when I realize there is something on my clothes that I haven't known about the whole day. I linked my post tonight to one of your outfits if you want to check it out. I love your style!!


  7. Love the white pants look. I like the subtle polka dot shirt too. Lovely necklace, totally want!

    Suzie Q
    Style Cue by Suzie Q

  8. Eek! I hate visible stains especially on light colors! I once got my maxi dress caught in the escalator and there were heavy, dark oil marks all over the place. I looked like I'd been working on my car all day and then went to work. Ugh.

    Do I see wavy hair? Pretty!

    1. It's more like natural wavy hair accidentally falling around my shoulders nicely ;)


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