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Having moved recently from an apartment to a house, I was looking forward to an increase in overall space. Bf and I were lucky enough to find a home with a proportionally larger master closet relative to the rest of the house. Although a nice closet wasn't at the top of our wishlist, you won't hear me complaining. In fact, I'd be lying if I said my eyes didn't light up at first sight.

I claimed 2 of the 3 shelved walls because of the amount of stuff I have. It wasn't until I started packing for the move did I realize how much I've accumulated in the last two years. Craziness. Even crazier was how I was able to cram everything in our previous smaller closet. I'll need to reflect on this materialistic side some more, but I'll save that for a rainy day.

Wall #1: The long side with two-tier shelves. I store shoe and bag boxes on the top shelf. Hanging below these boxes are my everyday clothes. On the bottom shelf are pants that I wear most often (and some new items that I'm still debating whether to keep). The standing mirror is the IKEA Stave (with the cardboard wrapping still on, lol).

Wall #2: The far end with a single-tier shelf. I use smaller and larger Sterilite drawers to store folded clothing and miscellaneous odds and ends. Hanging from the shelf are long coats/dresses and scarves/belts. I use (and semi-abuse) my bags, so they're placed on top of various surfaces for easy access. I really should store more in dust bags, but I'm too lazy to take them out and put them back in everyday.

A better view of my "accessories" hanging on wall #2: The belt ring hanger came highly recommended by Jean. The scarf hanger I bought off Amazon.

Technically kept in the bedroom (but still related to the topic at hand), I store my jewelry/hair supplies in compartmentalized trays from The Container Store. I can place two trays plus have extra room on the side (for bigger items) nicely into one drawer of the IKEA Micke, which serves as my vanity.

Lastly, shoes. We don't wear them inside the house, so they're kept in a hallway closet near our front door. I stacked two Seville shoe racks on top of one another to store the pairs we wear most often. Not surprisingly, my shoes take up majority of the space (just like our bedroom closet).

Last updated April 2012


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