In My Closet

My closet and I have been through three phases so far:

1) Before college, closet = pretty much empty. I literally had no fashion sense. Nada, none. I didn't care what I wore. My mom had to literally drag me to the malls and force me to buy new clothes.

2) In college, I did a complete 180 when I discovered the joys of making and spending my own money. I bought a ton of redundant and useless items that were for the most part trendy, and therefore never-to-be-worn again after awhile.

3) Post-college and upon entering the corporate world, I decided to either donate or eBay off a lot of what I had in order to start anew. I started buying more classic and professional pieces... only to see the dress code relax more and more each year lol.

Now I have a mixture of teenage/college clothes that I still love because they fit so well but have also added dressier/work appropriate pieces.

Currently, I share a small walk-in with my boyfriend. Originally we decided to split the space 50/50, but being a girl, gradually my things somehow made their way over to his ;)

Last updated 12/17/2010


  1. I love love love that you took inventory of your closet!! It's a huge undertaking so major kudos to you. I'm so inspired! I hope to accomplish this one day too.

  2. I didn't know this page existed! Wow, it takes a lot of discipline and patience to list out everything, I'm so amazed. I should definitely do that but I already know it will be project unfinished because I get so unfocused when it comes to my closet.
    I was the same way back in high school ... didn't care at all what I wear! It was towards the end of high school and the beginning of college when fashion seemed a lot more interesting. Now I'm like you, where I'm kinda in between the middle. =0D


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