Middle of Nowhere

by - Thursday, February 02, 2012

There are some things that should only be worn during certain seasons. Take this necklace for example. In my head, I thought the turquoise color would look great against a stark background. Instead it just looks like a pretender, summer trying to fit into winter. Given the surprising warm weather we've been having for this time of year, perhaps it's fitting after all.

Happy Thursday!

sunglasses: Old Navy round metal-hardware (similar; similar)
turtleneck: H&M basic jersey (may still be in stores; similar)
cardigan: stephanie b long sleeve ruffle (similar)
ring: Forever 21 pearlescent cluster (similar)
belt: J.Crew skinny leather
jeans: Hollister boot destroyed (sold here; similar

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  1. Yup. You are right about the necklace. It looks good with your outfit.

  2. The necklace adds a fun punch of color...cute!

  3. Such a cute look with the ripped jeans!

    I know what you mean about some items feeling like imposters! I wanted to wear a striped blue tank and bright yellow hoodie but decided not too because in my head I was thinking..."It's January!"

  4. Good outfit!

    I like turquoise in summer outfit, but really good and interesting idea to wear it in winter.. I think you rocked it!

  5. I think it looks pretty good here! And this winter has been so mild, it's practically just a cold summer!

    1. *knock on wood* Don't want to jinx the weather gods now!

  6. I like the turquoise against the black too...but to be honest white might even be better. Ying planted in my head the other day the idea of a white flowy maxy dress and some turquoise statement necklace...now I have dreams about it. :D

    1. YEAH, now all we need is a white dress... and a beach to frolick on, lol!

  7. That necklace is good stuff! ;-) You always wear the greatest fit of jeans...:-)


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