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by - Saturday, September 29, 2012

I go through a mental checklist when deciding on a location to take outfit photos:

1) Is there an object nearby so I can manually focus and set the camera? Open fields won't do.

2a) Does the spot have shade or is the sky overcast? Much preferred option. I find photos to have the prettiest bokeh background when I'm standing in the shade but the sun is shining bright behind me (example). Camera settings also seem to be easier to configure.
2b) Where is the sun in relation to the camera? With my back to the sun results in soft, glowy photos (example). Facing the sun usually washes out details. I have the most trouble with camera settings on this one.

3) Is the background pretty? Will the outfit clash with/blend into the background? Usually don't realize the latter happened until after the fact.

4) Will my shoes be able to handle the terrain? No to heels on sinkable surfaces, untreated leather on grass.

5) Are there a lot of people around? Depending on how self-conscious I'm feeling that day, I may or may not want to answer potential questions.

1 is a must. The object today is a log lying to the left of my foot. 2b and 3 are usually an either-or. Today's photo is the perfect example of having chosen 3 over 2b. Pretty background, but unfortunately I was facing the sun which completely washed out the details of the jacket. Sorry about that.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

sunglasses: Walmart aviator (similar)
jacket: American Eagle peacoat (similar)
necklace: Forever 21 oval chain (sold here)
top: Saint James Galathee tee (sold here)
belt: J.Crew (similar)
rings: Forever 21 braid & chain stack ring set (similar)
bag: agnes b (similar) - gift from cousin

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  1. i used to do the same thing! i'd actually just put my purse down and focus on it. lovely "tips" (i just sunk my heels into mud today...)

    1. Good tip about using the purse as a focal point! I need to remember to use that more often.

      =/ @ your heels... hopefully most of it can be wiped off. I once thought I could jump over a mud pile easily, but ended up staining a pair of brand new white sneakers. Sigh. I've learned my lesson ever since.

  2. great tips! and don't worry, the jacket looks lovely anyway. :]

  3. So cute! And these are great tips - I need to keep these in mind for my next shoot! :)


  4. Your photos are gorgeous. Great tips!Those are some good tips. I don't take outfit pictures, but I've seen a few of yours and I think you take good pictures :)

  5. I love your photo tips! If I ever go to outdoor pics, I know what to do :)

  6. If I ever upgrade to a new camera, I will have to remember your tips. :)

    Love the blue/green top!

  7. Isn't taking blog photos so much more complicated than everyone thinks it is? Haha. Cute outfit, Cee!

    1. More complicated but quite the learning experience ;) Bring on the challenge!

  8. i like your casual chic style~ Would you like to follow each other?


  9. Popped collars never looked so cool and non-frat-boy-like, yaddamean?

    Thanks for the photo tips! I never thought of the background thing but it's too weird to do it in Japan. No one would go up to you and ask, but that's the weird part cuz you know they're just thinking it in their heads... "That girl needs a lot of help..."

    1. Hahaha that is so true about Japan, one of the many reasons I heart the Japanese :)

  10. Love this look!


  11. Love this casual outfit!!!


  12. Love these tips Cee - I wish I were brave like you!


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