Gambling with Gold

by - Sunday, November 20, 2011

Over the course of this past year, I've went through a few obsessions. Gingham, chambray, neon, and military green just to name a few. The newest (and hopefully last one) to round out the year? Tweed.

I put this Zara fantasy mini skirt in ecru, size XS (sold here) on my wishlist immediately after spotting it weeks ago. Buy now or wait for a sale? was the usual dilemma. Then I saw Jean talking about her Barcelona trip last month and it hit me that my parents were traveling to Spain, too! Spain = cheaper Zara in my mind, lol. I quickly emailed my parents at the last minute with this skirt request, detailing out everything I could think of in hopes that it won't be too much trouble (and too awkward) for them to hunt down when they're there.

My parents came through and were able to save me about 30% in cost. Price aside, I definitely should have tried it on here first because the skirt runs large :( Lying flat, it measures ~14" across the waist and ~15" in length down the center. To make it work, 1) I had the back buttons shifted inwards some and 2) wearing a belt can cinch the waist in even more. This results in a more pronounced poof to the skirt, almost like a bell shape. It's a different silhouette than what I'm accustomed to but I think works well with the shiny gold threads.

The quality is pretty typical of Zara: not that great. The buttons were not sewed on tightly, there were loose threads, and unfinished edges along the zipper and pockets. What I do like is the color and the metallic threading. It looks exactly as pictured online.

One thing is for sure: this will be the only time I ask for clothing I haven't tried on before -- gotta stick to souvenirs or non-perishable food. I think my brother got the better souvenir this trip with a coffee mug ;)

Abercrombie & Fitch 3/4-sleeve tunic (similar)
cardigan: J.Crew perfect-fit mixed-tape (sold here)
belt: Express wide (similar)
ring: Forever 21 delicate etchings (similar
skirt: Zara fantasy mini (sold here)

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  1. I think the puffy tulip shape works. It doesn't look too big at all. But the quality is the reason why I'm not the biggest fan of Zara. Sometimes I will hit gold with a nice blazer or a skirt, but a lot of the time it's utter fail especially with coats.

  2. Well, it definitely doesn't LOOK too big in the pictures. It kind of looks completely fantastic, actually. I love how the gold plays with the greenish cardigan. And how you thought to pull the pink in with that is a little beyond me, but it really works ridiculously well.

    I kind of want to copy this look, from top to bottom :)

  3. What a story, Cee. :) On the plus side, I really like the skirt on you. As long as it's not falling off big, it looks just fine in the picture. I have come to a sudden realization that the second picture might as well be on a J.Crew catalog. :)

  4. I love the subtle sparkle of the gold skirt! Its a great neutral, with a twist. And I can't believe your parents pulled through for you. I know my parents would have been uber confused at the task, LOL.

  5. the skirt doesn't look too big at all and i like the tulip shape! the gold color is beautiful! i do have to agree though that I've learned my lesson too asking my parents to buy things from overseas for me!

    cute & little

  6. If I had just viewed the images and not read your content, I would have never thought the skirt did not fit you well. I think it looks great! When I saw these images, I actually had a little "Ah!" and perked up in my chair a bit! Lol! One of my favorites that you have styled...but don't I always think that! :)

  7. Omigosh - I loved that skirt and the Chanel-like matching jacket! You're right that it runs big, although I thought it was typical Zara woman sizing. I'm completely amazed that your parents went to a Zara for you and found this, successfully! I'm trying to picture describing this skirt to my parents and then them circulating the large Zara's of Barcelona with a completely blank look their faces. Size issues aside, you tweaked this skirt and made it completely work. I love the overall outfit. Now if only Zara would up their quality, especially for the prices.

  8. I like the bell shape and adore the color. Looks great with pink and olive tones! I'm still sad to hear about Zara quality because they seem to have such pretty garments.

  9. The colors look great and I love how you put the pieces together. I could imagine wearing this as a student. It's very sophisticated yet still fun with the colors and textures. However, there is snow where I live so bare legs will have to wait!

  10. Darling outfit, love how you matched the colors and layers! Fabulous :D


  11. i like the skirt but i agree with you and hate it sizes run differently. :(

  12. Glammed-up gingham - lovely outfit! Would love to see you do a night-out or party outfit with this skirt. :)

  13. @Cher - I agree with you on all accounts... but but the styles are just so pretty. Can't... resist... :D

    @Tara, @kileen, @Michelle - I cheated with the belt and upon looking at these pictures, I think I can actually cinch the waist in even more for a higher-waisted look. Will be trying that soon!

    @Vicky - I think ALL my looks are inspired by J.Crew in one form or other, lol! I try to link back to specific images if I remember, but more often times than that, it's probably a mashup of various J.Crew looks that's been subconsciously ingrained in my head :)

    @Jenn - Hahaha, you should have seen the long email I typed up! Link to the product, large image attachments, product #, cost, cost conversion from euro to USD, location links, images of building locations, basically anything I can think of. They never did tell me how much trouble they went to find the skirt, but I told them to forget about it if it's too much. Never will I go through such a complicated request again!

    @PetiteAsianGirl - Like I told Jenn above, you should've seen the email I typed up. It detailed everything short of drawing out a map for them, haha. To be honest, I don't have much sample size data to go on when it comes to Zara Woman bottoms. Most of the XS/2 I've tried on in the past were actually a little on the tight side, so I even told my mom (we're about the same size) to try it and size up on if it looked too small! It didn't even cross my mind to ask her to try it on if it looked too big.

    @SewPetiteGal - Yes, sadly I'm still drawn to their pretty fabrics and silhouettes, despite the quality. Need to muster up some self-control!

    @PetiteInHeels - We had an unseasonably warm day last week so I went bare-legged. I think that will be the last time I can go without tights until next year though!

    @tiny dancer, @makeupandpearls - Thank you :)

    @Carrie - You read my mind ;) I'm imagining an all black ensemble with this skirt worn higher-waisted. Hopefully pics to come soon!

  14. The skirt is really pretty! So perfect for the holidays!

  15. the skirt really is beautiful! zara sizing is odd--I wear a small in skirts (the only thing I wear in small from there) so I know those tend to run big--but it looks great on always, your outfit is AH-mazing...this is the first time I've posted, but I absolutely adore your style!
    I've had my eye on those cardis from J. Crew, so seeing it on, I think I'll check them out!


  16. @TaraMixandMatch - I couldn't agree more... NYE? :)

    @Anonymous - Thank you so much Alissa :) For reference, I took my usual size in J.Crew for the cardi. It's machine washable which I love, but I do hang it up to dry just in case it shrinks. Do let me know if you end up buying the skirt and/or cardi!

  17. You have the most amazing style. I love the pink gingham with the green cardigan. I have never thought of this color combination and it looks amazing! I am following you now :) - Dreama

  18. I love this outfit for sooo many different reasons...I've been stalking the same skirt on Zara but the price was a bit off putting. I am sad to hear that it's much too big for you but you've definitely disguised that with the belt.

  19. i dont think it looks big either. i actually really like it. i dont have any zara, but that stinks about the quality.

  20. @Candy Apple Fashion - Thanks Dreama! I seem to always pair this olive-ish cardigan with browns/yellows/golds though. Need to remember to change it up!

    @Elle - I think the skirt will be too big on you :( My tailor quoted $28 for alterations (geez!) Perhaps wait for a super sale?

    @easy petite looks - Sigh... the looks are too pretty so I always get sucked back in. I need to learn to be more discriminating :)


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