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Baseball caps have become a weekend staple for me this summer. It's funny because hats and I go back a ways. In high school, I wore them every day for the 3 months during tennis season (fall sport but practices started in the summer.) My mom was a stickler about sun protection because I was already the darkest in the family. So hats and sunscreen it is. After awhile, I could've sworn my hairline started receding from the lack of breathing room under hats (dramatic much? I blame teenage hormones), so for the next decade I stayed far, far away. But now? I love plopping a cap on my head, especially during dirty hair days. And surprisingly, they've been a fun accessory that doesn't detract from outfits.

gray tee, rugby striped maxi dress, colorblock crossbody bag
pink cap, gray tee, rugby striped maxi dress, colorblock crossbody bag
hat: Gap Outlet (similar - 30% off w/code FLASH)
lips: NYX round case lipstick in NYX (sold here)
tee: LOFT sunwashed (sold here - extra 40% off)
dress: Old Navy drawstring-tube jersey maxi (similar - extra 30% off w/code FLASH)
bracelet: Madewell friendship (similar - on sale)
bag: Coach mini Borough bag in retro colorblock (similar; similar)
nail polish on toes: OPI South Beach Paint My Moji-toes Red (sold here)
shoes: Old Navy faux-leather capri sandals (sold here - 30% off w/code SHOPON)

Photos thanks to DH!

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  1. lol, your little intro's always cracks me up! :) That cap was definitely a good purchase! It suits your style so well!

    1. I try, I try. As long as one person laughs, it was worth the post :D

  2. Hi Cee! How tall are you? The reason I ask is because I was wondering if you had to alter your maxi dress from ON.

    1. Hey Candice! I'm just under 5'5". No need to alter the maxi dress if you're around my height because I just pulled the drawstring waist higher, then folded excess fabric over... not sure if that makes sense?


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