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In my family, I'm used to being the designated photographer because everyone else use their phone's camera or a point-and-shoot. So by default I'm supposedly a "better" photographer due to owning a nicer camera. That's total crap, I say. A larger camera just feels more intimidating.

Every once in awhile, I'll ask DH to take a few quick snaps while we're out and about. And each time, he'd react as if someone had thrust a screaming baby into his arms. It's so awkwardly endearing that I try not to ask too often. The pros of having someone take your photo? Pretty new backgrounds! The cons? Goofiness slips out, like my inner-FOB.

floral cap, black faux leather yoke top, yellow shorts
floral cap, black faux leather yoke top, yellow shorts
hat: Biltmore for Madewell baseball hat in sungarden (similar - on sale; similar)
top: Ann Taylor faux leather yoke (may still be in stores)
shorts: J.Crew 4" chino short (sold here - on sale)
bag: Longchamp large Le Pliage (sold at Nordstrom / Bloomingdale's / NM)
nail polish on toes: OPI South Beach Paint My Moji-toes Red (sold here)
shoes: Old Navy faux-leather capri sandals (sold here - 30% off w/code SAVEMORE)

Photos thanks to DH!

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  1. I recently just got a DSLR and on our family vacation, it was said many times when taking pictures "look at JoJo's camera, she has the nice camera."

    I do some times wish there was another "photographer" in the group - even among my friends.

    1. Want to be friends, JoJo? We'll take turns taking photos of each other ;)

    2. Hahah that should be fun! I ordered a remote for my camera that just came in today. I'm excited to see what I can do with it - mostly with long exposure stuff.

      Do you use a remote? Are there any camera accessories you would recommend?

    3. I should be asking you for camera/photography advice, not the other way around! I mainly only take photos for the blog, so don't really have experience with long exposure, night photography, other cool photography terms that I don't know about :)

      My camera doesn't support the user of a remote (should really have done my research before purchasing!!) so I use a self-timer for blog photos. It' When my current camera dies, I'll definitely be choosing a new one that is remote-compatible.

      I'm guessing you already own a tripod? If not, I use this one and have been happy with it. This one is cheaper and also has great reviews.

  2. These pics are great! I like that they are in different scenery, mixing it up! Nice outfit as well.

    1. Good to hear from you, Linna! Any updates on the job hunt?


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