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I lived in t-shirts and polos all throughout college. Case in point: current license photo taken when I was 19-20 years old. After I started working full-time, my polo-wearing days slowly dwindled to non-existence (t-shirts however, lived on.)

A couple weekends ago, DH asked if I would go to the outlets with him so he can get his yearly clothes shopping over with. Three t-shirts, one polo, two pairs of sneakers, and several hours later, he was all set. I hadn't planned on purchasing anything (how many times have I said that before?) but left with a couple items.

DH has always reiterated that he liked the clothes I wore in college much more than the "weird outfits" I wear now, lol. So even though we don't see eye to eye on most of my wardrobe, that doesn't stop him from picking out items he'd like to see me wear and persuading me to try them on. Usually I'll take one look and just shake my head. I actually had this reaction when he held up the polo I'm wearing today, but gave in because I could slip it on without having to stand in line for a changing room. What do you know, we both ended up really liking it! So gotta give credit where credit's due. DH must've thought I acquiesced too easily because he tried pushing his luck with another polo for me to try on. It was a bright, solid, lime green (his favorite color) polo. No way am I cool enough to pull that off.

polo shirt, yellow/brown belt, navy khakis
polo shirt, yellow/brown belt, navy khakis, espadrilles
polo shirt, yellow/brown belt, navy khakis
sunglasses: Walmart aviator (similar)
lips: NYX round case lipstick in NYX (sold here)
top: Polo Factory slim polo (recent - tag info; similar)
belt: Abercrombie & Fitch (similar; similar)
bracelet: Madewell friendship (similar - extra 40% off w/code EXTRA40)
pants: Gap broken-in straight khakis (sold here - 50% off + extra 20% off w/code HAPPY)
bag: Longchamp large Le Pliage (sold at Nordstrom / Bloomingdale's / NM)
shoes: Tory Burch Beacher flat espadrille (sold at TB / NM)

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  1. DH will forever prefer my hairstyle from when we first met. The first time I heard the following sentiment, I thought, "That's so true!" but I don't to whom/what to attribute it: A man marries his wife expecting her not to change, but a woman marries her husband expecting him to change.

    1. Haha! ...I'm ashamed to say I think like a typical female -_-


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