Friday, November 16, 2012

Stripe a Pose

It's just my luck to have the camera capture me mid-shot looking like I forgot how to stand/walk/pose in flats after wearing heels for consecutive days *facepalm* On the upside, the awkwardness inspired the perfect pun for today's blog post title.

Have a good weekend!
sunglasses: Walmart aviator (similar)
sweater: Old Navy (similar)
top: Saint James Galathee tee (other colors sold here)
belt: Old Navy (similar)
bracelets: Forever 21 swirled pearlescent bead cuff (similar);
pants: Gap broken-in straight khakis (sold here)
bag: agnes b - gift from cousin (similar)


  1. Love the look and the background.


  2. Great look! Love how nice and casual it is!

    xo - Sheila

  3. I love how you pair the sperry here! i should get my hands on one!:)

  4. hehehe, stripe a pose. Cute! I seriously love your style. part preppy, part comfy, but always so chic.


  5. Oh my goodness! I love your sweater! Adorable. I am obsessed with stripes...always have been! Cute outfit!

    xoxo Nikki


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