Wrapped with a Bow

by - Monday, October 31, 2011

Presenting my most impractical purchase of the year: Prabal Gurung at J.Crew exploding bow blouse (#49310) in neon azalea, size 0. The bow is so ridiculously large and fun that I bet could easily double as a Halloween costume. After having worn a neon pink gingham shirt and tee this past summer, I figured a huge bow in the same color should be pretty wearable.

- material feels linen-like therefore very wrinkle-prone
- style is like a racerback tank but with big armholes (might just be me, but I don't think undergarments can be worn without showing through)
- wish the bow was stiffer because the ends keep flopping forward
- zippered back for pretty much the entire length of the top

I'm sad to say that the color is the only thing I like. I so, so wanted this top to work out (despite the hefty price tag), but the poor fit on me is a deal-breaker :( It will be returned back to the store.

See Kimchi Girl rock this top in two colors.

Sorry for the grainy pictures in poor lighting -- I have to figure out a better indoor location soon.

jacket: Express luxury stretch 1-button (this season's version sold here)
belt: Express black skinny (similar)
bracelets: Forever 21 rope/cable bangle (the real deal; similar);
Forever 21 rhinestone snake chain (similar)
scarf ring as ring: Talbots - gift from Elle (similar)
ring: Amrita Singh Deauville (sold here)
pants: Express Editor luxury stretch (this season's version sold here)
shoes: Zara court shoe with snakeskin toe (sold here; similar; peep-toe)

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  1. You can pull anything off Cee...love the big bow and pink color with gray!!

  2. Oh!! I love seeing it with the suit set!!

    Too bad about all the dislikes! :) So did you return it or is it too late?

  3. Awww...so sad it didn't work out! It's so fun! It's as if you're a gift, wrapped in a big bow. :)

    I'd say you could try keeping the bow in place with some strategic fashion tape usage, but it sounds like the overall fit just isn't working for you. Darn!

    In other news, I'm loving that suit on you!

  4. haha, you look like a present ready to be opened. (I'm not saying that in a obscene kind of way. lol.) If you were to wear this to work, you think your poor colleagues can concentrate?

  5. I think with a cardi it may work? I think the top is borderline over-the-top fantastic!

  6. When I saw this online, I loved it! Then, I saw it on Mrs. O, and I loved it even more. I'm bummed it didn't work for you... On her though, the bow seems more like a controlled explosion, so I see where you're coming from, Cee!

  7. When you're wearing the jacket, I can't see any fit issues....this top is def. unique and fun. I love this bright pink with the gray!

  8. cee: it looks AMAZING on you, esp. w/ the neutral suiting you chose to wear it w/. i def. agree w/ you on the many issues it has (material, etc), but it was such a unique piece, i couldn't let it go! i usually safety pin the bow in certain places to keep it from flopping around too much.

  9. I really like the look of the blouse on you Cee....it is hard to see the true fit under the jacket but I love the way you've styled it!

  10. I'm not crazy about the blouse, but that suit looks great!

  11. aww, it's too bad that this top didn't work out. i love the big flower but i'm disappointed to hear that the ends flop down. the color is gorgeous on you!

    cute & little

  12. I think this looks awesome...props to you for trying something so bold, too bad it didn't work out :(

  13. you look like a nice little present =) I do love the color pink on you, and OMG i just saw the price!!! =X lol

    You look really tall with this outfit, not sure bc of the angle or what. It's starting to get cold and dark outside already, going to be hard taking outfit pix. =(

  14. @Michelle - Oops! Updated the post for more clarity. The return period hasn't passed yet, so I do plan on doing so later in the week.

    @Alterations Needed - My one and only suit that I bought years ago in college. I actually looked at these pics and kind of cringed at how wide the shoulders were! Not sure what I was thinking back then, but it's a spot that I'll be paying more attention to for future jacket shopping :)

    @Vicky - Before I would have said no, but I think they've gotten used to my odd outfit choices, ie: faux fur, rainboots, etc. I still get comments on those once in awhile now, but much less than before, lol.

    @Lisa - respect the shoes - Yeah, the top definitley can't be worn alone on me. That lack of versatility is one reason I'm returning. If the right occasion calls, I'd like to have the choice to wear the top as is.

    @Jane - I've never seen that pic of Mrs. Obama with the top before. She looks ah-mazingggg. Thank you for sharing! Her beige color also looks a bit lighter than what J.Crew was selling... I wonder if she's wearing one tailored made for her. Lucky!

    @Jarucha, @Callandra - The fit was completely off on me, so I didn't bother with jacket-removed pics. Sorry :( Definitely check out Kimchi Girl's modeling pics for how it's supposed to look though.

    @kimchi girl - I'm so glad to hear you're getting many wears out of your top. I'd love to see more outfit pics if you get the chance ;)

    @Rites of Beauty - I understand this top isn't everyone's cup of tea. As Lisa so nicely put it, the top is borderline over-the-top (perhaps so far gone over-the-top for some? hehe).

    @simplyvonne - Hahaha, the price + big bow sure does put this top in the category of "impractical," doesn't it? ;) It's all good though, no responsibilities right now = spending money on myself, hehe. I think pants with a higher waist + 3.5" heels more so than the camera angle helps make me look taller. At least I don't think I'm doing anything different with my camera. But hey, I'll take it!

  15. Cee: that is one unique design with a big bow. I think it looks good overall the way you styled it but I know that centerpiece can be hard to manage with wrinkle prone fabric. Seeing this kind of design simply reminded me of a cocktail dress, but for a daytime wear.

    Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your kind word on my new adventure, that means a lot :)

  16. Aww, sorry to hear that it didn't work out for you! I think it looks great on you but sounds like the materials / fit doesn't live up to expectations. Definitely shouldn't keep something you don't absolutely love.

  17. Awww as I was reading I had high hopes too, too bad it didn't work out. That suit looks amazing on you, if you do find a similar fun top like that it's the perfect peice to off set a conservative suit like that!

  18. Oh, it's so disappointing that the fit didn't work out right. The color and the enormous bow look fantastic with that gray suit!


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