Trench Coat, Kids' Style

by - Saturday, October 29, 2011

Next up on my outerwear wishlist (another one?!) is a trench coat in a classic khaki color with shoulder epaulets and detailing around the wrist. This Zara Girl trench coat with checked lining in sand, size 11-12 (sold here) had everything I was looking for. Kids' clothing is usually a miss for me, but I figured it's worth a shot after loving the proportions on Jessy (in hindsight, I should've known being taller screws everything up).

Upon wearing it for the first time, I felt there's no way it's going to work. The sleeve length is short (I prefer longer sleeves), the fit is a bit tight across the back, and I thought the length was awkward. I voiced all these reasons out loud to bf but he shot them all down. Let's just say he couldn't get past the trench-with-nothing-underneath illusion. Sigh. Men.

The first set of photos below show the fit with the trench buttoned up. I think there's too many problematic fit areas -- belt is too high, sleeves too short, fabric pulling at the shoulders, etc. I may be nitpicking, so please let me know your honest opinions. Unbuttoned though (see last pic) -- a completely different story. I love how it looks on me, but I wonder if it's just the way I was standing... or a well-fitting jacket will look even better hanging open? The jacket also looks a lot better with the sleeves scrunched up. With non-winter coats, I can put up with shorter sleeves and don't mind leaving it open and unbuttoned.

My favorite feature has to be the inside lining -- such a pretty plaid pattern. A few surprising negatives: the belt is super short (I can barely tie a knot once), the material is very wrinkle prone (is this pretty normal?), the quality isn't the greatest with a few loose threads and a hole in an inside pocket's lining :(

So the dilemma is:
1) Exchange then wear unbuttoned with sleeves scrunched up all the time
2) Return and hope for a larger selection through Zara Woman next spring
3) Return and hold out for... Burberry?!

The last is a pipe dream right now, so I'm leaning towards #2 (if this past spring collection is anything to go by, my patience should pay off).

necklace: Forever 21 knotted chain & rhinestone (similar)
tee: Old Navy split-neck tab-sleeve (sold here)
ring: Forever 21 delicate etchings (similar)
belt: Express wide (similar)
jeans: Hollister boot destroyed (sold here; similar)

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  1. Agreed that it looks good unbuttoned!

    Like you said, short sleeves, high belt, and short coat. You're just overall longer than me (super jealous!) : ) The size 13/14 is a little longer, have you tried that out? The 13/14 on me was almost to my knee, whereas the 11/12 is a little past mid-knee.

    I love the inside lining too, but not how the buttons say ZARA GIRL. I'm planning on replacing all the buttons, but haven't had a chance to check out any buttons yet.

  2. I say hold out for something better....unless you never want to wear a trench with sleeves down....if you can never button it - its a pain and limiting.

  3. I say never settle for classic/timeless items.

  4. When you're buying such a classic, timeless piece don't just settle for this half assed Zara version (and for girls? Oh my!). Hold out for Burberry but DO NOT buy Burberry Brit. The quality is absolute garbage considering the astronomical price tag. I went into the Burberry store with every intent to buy a trench. A beautiful Brit coat fought my attention but I wasn't blinded by how pretty it looked. I checked ALL the stitching and realized that the lines were crooked and there were loose threads in a few places. I checked through ALL the Brit coats and they all had the same problems to varying degrees. It's terrible - stay away from Brit.

  5. If you aren't completely happy with it, return!

  6. I say return on this one. It looks too short on you. Maybe the next size up would fix the length problem?

  7. Yeah, probably return. When the coats are all on sale this winter/ spring, perhaps something will jump out at you and you'll find a great buy! Then this one will just sit around forever...
    I'm tired. I re-read this comment 7 times.

  8. Cee, I agree with all the "fit issues" you mention yourself. Oh, the blessings of being tall and slim! I think you will find a trench to satisfy both your and you bf's requirements soon enough if you hold out. And hey - you crossed the Chanel flap off your list and seem to wear it all the time. The iconic Burb trench shouldn't be too far off in the distance! It's one of my most favorite purchases, ever.

  9. I had to laugh out loud when I read your boyfriend's reason for loving this jacket! Hee hee Men are so funny ;) I'm not loving this jacket on you, it's not bad but I think you can do better for sure! Your total outfit is sooooo cute though!!

  10. The coat looks great in the last photo, and the price is awesome, but I must vote to return and hold out for a better trench that is classic, fits, and functional! The too short belt would drive me crazy :)

  11. I love it unbuttoned with the sleeves pushed up. I doubt layering underneath when buttoned will work since the shoulders look tight and the sleeves are a bit short. I would definitely keep it for a quick go-to coat. Something you can grab and throw on :)

  12. Wow really like the shorter trench. I am 5'1" and do not blog but I have learned so much by following you and other petite fashionistas, especially the petite fashion challenges. I have a suggestion: Outerwear can be particularly challenging for petites. Why not a PFC called OUTERWEAR CHIC.. This would be helpful with the cold winter months approaching...The look could be dressy or casual and must include an outerwear garment appropriate for being outdoors in inclement weather.

  13. @The Little Dust Princess - I thought about 13/14, but from your fitting room pics, it looked a lot bigger, plus the bottom flared out more than I liked. I think my longer proportions just aren't made for kids clothing, haha. Sigh... I'll wait for the woman's collection next spring. That is, unless I happen to give in to Burberry before then, lol.

    @Jarucha - As always, thanks for the words of wisdom. You're so good about keeping my instant gratification wants in check :)

    @Bethany - Does that mean riding boots can be added to the not settling on classic items list?? :) :) My poor wallet is screaming in protest already.

    @Anna - Direct and to the point. Thanks Anna for sharing your opinions and experiences. I've been known to buy something to tide me over but then eventually buying a better/real version. Boy, imagine all the money I could have saved if I didn't do that. Did you end up buying a trench from the London or Prorsum line? If so, would you mind sharing which coat?

    @TaraMixandMatch - Such obvious but sage advice. I need to keep reminding myself more often. Thanks Tara!

    @Vicky - Perhaps, but from Jessy's pics the bottom also flared out more. I'm also wondering if that will mean it's bigger overall. I think I'll be patient and wait for more selections next spring... unless I succumb to ahem, Burberry, in the meantime :)

    @easy petite looks - So true... I need to stop buying things to "tide me over" until a better version comes along. Will practice my patience on this one!

    @PetiteAsianGirl - Funny you bring up Chanel, because a flap wasn't really ever on my list of wants. It was more like, "Oh no, 30% price hike?! I better get to it before I'm priced out" kind of mentality that set me off initially. Then taking a few days to mull over, imagining how it fits in my wardrobe, getting used to the price, making sure I would use it, etc. did I finally decide "yep, I love it and need one in my life." Long story short, Burberry needs to start rumors of a price hike to get my slowass moving along :D

    @Callandra - Haha, it was a bit crude and that was the most delicate way I could verbalize his reaction. Glad you found it funny too :)

    @Olyvia - The more I think about the short belt, the more I think I need a regular sized one. I keep thinking back to how I wear my Express wool trench and I don't think I used the buttons all that much. Just belted and go. So you're right, I bet the short belt would eventually drive me craaaazy.

    @Chris @ Granola2Glam - Here's hoping that a return on this one will lead to a better fitting one in the future that will look just as good buttoned and unbuttoned!

    @Janice - I was just about to suggest you submit your PFC idea over to the AN Forum but I see Kelly beat me to it! Hopefully someone will use it as an idea for a future challenge.

  14. I would have never known it was a girls sized jacket!

  15. No, I ended up not getting anything because I didn't like their selection at the time. The coats I did like were around $2000 - a bit more than I was looking to pay. I'm still searching around for the perfect coat (I take forever to decide) but I'll be sure to let you know what I get should I buy one before you.

  16. I would definitely hold out for a better quality trench. A trench is a classic item and I'm sure there are way better options out there. =)

  17. The fit actually looks pretty good for the photos. If I'm also being nitpicky, the only thing I notice is the slightly higher belt placement but that's an easy fix. I would vote to keep especially since it looks decent buttoned, looks awesome unbuttoned, and the price is so good.

    BTW, your BF is hilarious :D

  18. I'm so behind in blog posts....choose #3!!! :)

  19. just wondering abt the fit of the tall are you?

    1. Hey, I'm 5' 4.75" tall. Hope that helps!

  20. i also prefer longer sleeves

    nice article


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