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Finally, a reprieve from stripes! The next item on heavy rotation this summer has to be this chambray shirt. I've been loving the baggy fit, which works well unbuttoned as a jacket or buttoned up like a tunic. I try to keep proportions in mind, whether it's covered on top with bare legs (or vice versa), or in this case, a looser-fitting top with skinny jeans on the bottom.

sunglasses: Walmart aviator (similar)
lips: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in wink for pink (sold here)
necklace: Forever 21 oversized chain necklace (sold here)
top: Gap chambray tailored shirt (similar)
rings: H&M (recent - sold in stores); Forever 21 (similar)
jeans: Blank NYC spray-on (sold at Piperlime / Shopbop / NM)
shoes: Jones New York Harlem (similar; similar)

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  1. Been loving my chambray as well for Summer! Cute look with the white jeans! :)

    xo - Sheila

  2. That is such a great shade on the chambray. And really like the other outfit you linked to, also.

    The proportions thing always reminds me of high school when I heard Destiny's Child interviewed...I think it was Beyonce that said her mom taught her that if she was more exposed on bottom, the top should be conservative...and so on.

    1. Ahh, Destiny's Child -- does that make us old?! I couldn't think of the right wording when I was writing up the post, but "conservative on top, exposed on bottom" is so much more eloquent than what I wrote!

  3. love this outfit. i have been looking for white jeans since march and can't find any i like!

    1. Michelle, I highly recommend the pair I'm wearing. If price is a factor, I have seen them go on sale, but sizes will probably be limited. I've tried on Old Navy Rockstars, J.Crew Factory (just to name a few) and none of those fit me as well as this Blank NYC pair.

  4. Hi C!

    Thanks for your reply on my other comment. I think I'll wait on the Prada tote for awhile since they JUST increased in price on June 1st.

    Switching topics to the Chanel medium flap. I just graduated from university a couple years ago and am really starting to think I can purchase a Chanel bag... the price is insane from what it was a couple of years ago. It's now $4450 for the m/l double flap. I just called the store and they have the medium lambskin in SHW. I am so torn the price of $4,450 makes me get cold feet. Yet if I don't get it now it's just going to increase in price and I'll never get it. SO TORN! I THINK I want the lambskin over the caviar because it just seems so luxurious.

    Give me some advice please!

    1. Hey Vanessa!

      I'm shaking my head at Prada's recent price increase. A friend just told me Dior raised their prices (10% I think?) yesterday. Unfortunately I don't think designers are going to cease price increases any time soon =/ Sigh.

      The lambskin vs. caviar Chanel dilemma is one that I went through as well. I wish there is an easy answer, but like most things, it's up to your personal taste. Some things to think about if you hadn't pondered it yet...

      Do you plan on using your flap everyday? As luxurious as lambskin is, it's going to show wear and tear much more quickly. You'd also have to baby it all the time, even when it's not in use, like stuffing the bag so it doesn't lose shape or tucking the chains inside so it doesn't leave indention marks on the leather. I hope I'm not scaring you! Those are just some of the things I've heard from friends who own a lambskin flap.

      On the flip side, I personally feel that if you want a lambskin flap, black + M/L size is the way to go. Black because it's not as high maintenance (as far as lambskin goes, haha). The M/L size is great for lambskin because anything bigger and it's even harder to keep its shape due to the soft leather.

      Have you tried/seen the lambskin and caviar in person yet? I highly recommend it. It's a huge decision so definitely take your time to think things over. Good luck! But really, there isn't a wrong decision :)

    2. Hi C!

      So true about the price increases. It forces people to quickly and seriously consider buying it if they are on the fence (such as I!).

      It's not a bag I plan to use everyday. My office is one where people would gasp if I wore high end brands. They're the type to spend that kind of money on vacation. I'd probably use the bag once in awhile. Definitely not grocery or clothes shopping. Special occasions are more likely I think. How often do you use your m/l bag? The current price $4450 plus 12% tax in my province, its a lot to shell out! How did you deal with the sting?

      I've seen the caviar in person but not the lambskin. I thought the caviar was reeeally durable. A little too durable. Kinda like a hard shell. On the other hand, I've seen pictures of vintage lambskin bags and they look so deflated! If only there was an in between!

    3. I bought my flap a few years ago and paid $2700 (including tax). It was right before a price increase so I've been in your shoes! At the time, it was my biggest purchase to date (next to my car), so it did take me a little while to recover from the dip in my bank account, haha. The way I see it, everyone has their priorities in life, so if you can afford to drop a few grand on a bag that you'll love, there's certainly nothing wrong with that. The enjoyment I get every time I use my bags makes the price all that more bearable.

      Now that you mention it, the caviar flap is like a hard shell! I don't baby my bags and it's held up remarkably well. Definitely do check out the lambskin flap in person. Don't quote me on this, but I *think* this season's is softer than previous years -- perhaps that's something you can ask the sales associate? While you're at the store, I suggest also taking a look at the reissue flap (turnlock isn't the CC) because the calfskin leather is somewhere in between caviar and lambskin, in terms of durability. Before I purchased my caviar flap, I seriously considered the reissue because I actually preferred the non-CC turnlock but didn't want an all-metal chain.

      I'm not sure where you live, but I'm guessing Canada? (due to your use of province), but if there's a Saks near you, you should be able to save 10% on your first purchase upon opening their store card. And if you do it during one of their double/triple points events, a redeemable gift card could help, psychologically :)

      Do keep me updated!

    4. Hi C!

      Unfortunately there are no Saks in Canada :( The closest one according to google is in Portland, Oregon. Holt Renfrew is the only place that sells Chanel in Canada (I'm pretty sure) and the promotional events ALWAYS exclude the good stuff like Chanel, LV, Prada, etc.

      I went to the store to look at the bag yesterday. The SA told me over the phone the m/l lambskin bag was brand new... when he opened it it had scratches on the surface of the inner flap. He said that's normal because lambskin is so delicate. Then I asked him to take out a jumbo lambskin to compare. It was SOOO HUGE! and so much heavier! In pictures it looks normal on me but when carrying it in real life its like a big box. Anyway the jumbo lambskin's inner flap had no scratches and was pretty much in pristine condition. I suspect someone's already had a look at the m/l he showed me, or even worse bought it and returned it. He said another one is coming in soon and he'd give me a call when it came in. I said I want it to still be in wrappings (the one he showed me had no wrappings or stuffing O.o).

      After the trip down to see the bags, I think I definitely like the lambskin more than the caviar. For some reason in my head the caviar just doesn't look as black as the lambskin. Hmmmm...

    5. Wild idea, but I wonder if it'd be worth a trip to Portland, Oregon to buy your first Chanel because the entire state is TAX FREE. Just throwing it out there in case it's a feasible option for ya :)

      I think your heart is set on the M/L in lambskin, so I say trust your instincts and go for it <3

  5. love this look with the white jeans! i've been looking for a pair of white skinny jeans and will need to try out the Blank NYC brand.

    cute & little


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