by - Saturday, March 09, 2013

After the noquester (love a good name) on Wednesday, DC will be experiencing spring-like weather this weekend. I am so stoked. Hope you have a good one!

vest: Zara Girl quilted waistcoat (similar)
shirt: American Eagle oxford (similar)
turtleneck: J.Crew tissue turtleneck tee (sold here)
belt: Express (this season's sold here)
bag: H&M (similar)
socks: Forever 21 (similar)

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  1. Love that color combo! We're having a bit of a warm-up this weekend (50 degrees!). I may have to break out my topsiders...

  2. That's definitely a nice color combo! Your outfit seems very comfortable =]

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  3. Love the navy vest! We had spring temps this past week but now have blizzard conditions. Boo hiss. Btw, thanks for your kind words - I replied. :)

  4. Great outfit! Love the colors.


  5. goodness, i hope the weather is coming this way!

  6. Oh! Love that navy vest so much! Glad you can enjoy some nice weather.

  7. Such a pretty mix of blues and happy Spring-y weather to you! We had "cold" (50s) rainy weather this week, but sunny 70s this weekend :)


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