(Holiday) Party Like a Rockstar

by - Sunday, December 11, 2011

My company doesn't always hold a holiday party. This year is one of those off years. Instead, I went to my brother's as his +1. Last year they had a food buffet, heated outdoors tent with a firepit for s'mores, roll your own cigar, and a casino setup with fake money?! Umm... the holiday party alone would be enough to convince me to switch jobs. Kidding... or am I? In return for him having to deal with his socially awkward sister, I was the designated driver. A win-win for us both.

Like a typical girl, I mentally went through my closet and freaked out like a drama queen over having nothing to wear. In the end, I decided on my tried-and-true Ann Taylor lace dress and piled on the accessories. The busy dress really doesn't need a whole lot of accessorizing, but what the heck, it's the holidays!

My brother felt last year's was more fun because fake casinos and rolling cigars were replaced this year with a food-centric theme (7 different buffet rooms!) In between bites and roaming from room to room, I had a grand time people watching. I've never seen so many Chanel flaps in one place in my life. I counted at least 15 of various sizes and colors, vintage and classic styles. What eye candy! Unfortunately, shoes were harder to check out without being obvious. All in all, it was a fun night.

necklaces: Forever 21 jersey & chain (similar; similar);
blazer: H&M boyfriend (similar)
necklace as bracelet: Forever 21 pearlescent beads & flowers (similar; similar)
bag: BCBG bow via Sunshine's giveaway (similar)

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  1. you look so classy. love it :)

    wow, your brother's work holiday parties sound amazing. :) and i never heard of such a high ratio of chanel flaps unless it was at chanel hehe. :)

  2. Love the dress Cee...that sounds like an insanely awesome holiday party!

  3. I read your "socially awkward" link and identified with everyone, that's so hilarious!! Your look for the party was so pretty........combined with the buffet hopping and people watching sounds like a really fun party!!

  4. You look so classy and beautiful!

    I love your necklace as bracelet too. It looks gorgeous!

  5. I just discovered your blog, and I must say that I'm in love with your style! I love your preppy casual looks. It's just my style! :)


  6. You crack me up with this post....as always, this dress is stunning! It has been a worthwhile purchase since you have been able to transform it countless times.

  7. Loved that socially awkward penguin! I can totally relate to this one (http://t.qkme.me/tU.jpg) as it just happened last week. LOL Ended up leaving first anyway 'cause I didn't wanna wait. Lovee your party look! I love people watching and counting bags/shoes, etc. LOL

  8. Food and people / purse watching - sounds fun! We have a holiday party every year but it is very low-key. Think afternoon potluck and "One Minute to Win It" games :)

    Did you check out the 30% off jewelry sale at F21?

  9. Sounds like AOL's Holiday Party!!!

  10. Such a cute outfit for the party!! That sounds like such a great setup!!

  11. I can't get over how pretty this little white dress is and how versatile it can be. Full credit to you for your creativity, Cee. The result is fresh, fun and lovely. I am not the kind of person who buys a formal dress for party I can only use once a year. I believe in mixing and matching with less expensive clothing that I can use for daytime as well.

  12. @Susan - I know, right? Some firms really know how to treat their employees right ;)

    @Callandra - Hahaha! Socially awkward penguin is MY FAVORITE Internet meme of all time because every.single.one fits me too.

    @Jarucha - Haha glad you enjoyed it. Making fun of myself is one of my favorite pastimes :) I have a couple other ways to style this dress in mind for the winter... so hopefully I'll get around to them soon!

    @The Little Dust Princess - I love me some Internet memes, but socially awkward penguin is my all time fav. Glad you enjoyed it (and could relate, lol).

    @SewPetiteGal - Nope, no more F21 purchases for me for awhile because a jewelry order I placed a few weeks back is still in transit. Free shipping is so hard to resist!

    @Anonymous - There's a couple companies in my area who are known to throw an amazing bash. AOL's definitely one of them!

    @Nelah - Teach me your secrets for getting over the urge for a new dress every party please :) Even though the crowd is completely different, I feel like someone must've seen me in the same dress before. Yep, I'm completely irrational but slowly getting over it. Sometimes I wish girls have it as easier as guys (who can wear the same suit and nobody will notice), but then I think about how fun it is to dress up in fun colors and pretty fabrics.

  13. Personally, I think seven different buffet rooms wins over rolling your own cigar any day, but that's just me :)

    Love the look...and I'm impressed that you didn't give in to the new dress voices that come along with any holiday party. This one looks perfect...but I would have been sorely tempted to go out and buy something sequin-y just for the heck of it.

  14. I have my husband's party this Friday and I might just completely steal this outfit :P The only thing is I'll have to wear tights, my legs are definitely not in summer mode anymore LOL!


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