So This is Christmas...

by - Sunday, December 04, 2011

*** See outfit photos with the trench ***

I fibbed. A pipe dream wish became a reality when I caved during sale season and bought this Burberry Marystow Trench Coat in trench, size 2 (sold at Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's, Saks, Bergdorf Goodman). I probably spent more time thinking about this purchase than I did before buying all the bags I own combined. I told myself that I'd have no problem make a return if it wasn't completely perfect. The devil on my shoulder rolled her eyes and said, "Now doesn't this story sound familiar... who're you trying to fool, fool?!"

Once I finally placed my order (thank you Elle for all your Burberry knowledge and help!), I had to wait a few weeks before the package actually shipped. I'm assuming Bloomingdale's didn't have this trench in stock and had to place a special order. No biggie because the time delay was clearly stated on their website.

A few weeks later and whatddya know... the devil is always right :D It was love at first sight. I couldn't stop touching and staring, with the enabler voice in me screaming "keep keep keep!" without regards to fit. A few days after the initial euphoria died down, I tried on the trench again with a clearer mind looking for flaws. I think in general the trench fits me awfully well off the rack. I like the overall length, the sleeve length (personal preference of longer sleeves), and the belt placement on me. If I had to nitpick, the trench could probably fit slimmer in the body and arms, but that's after staring really hard at comparison pictures. I can also cinch the belt tighter around the waist, but that may cause the bottom to flare out too much.

I'm seriously considering keeping the trench as a Christmas present to myself this year without any alterations. Do you have any opinions for or against it?
coat: Burberry Marystow trench (sold here)
dress: J.Crew cotton-silk shimmy (sold here; similar; similar)
necklace as sash: Forever 21 jersey & chain (similar)
ring: Forever 21 delicate etchings (similar
socks: Abercrombie & Fitch slouchy boot (other colors)

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  1. Congrats on your new amazing addition Cee! :) The trench fits you perfectly, definitely worth it.

  2. WOW, it looks so fab on you! Why not splurge since its Christmas time? Haha, I agree that it could be slimmer on the sides. Did you try a 0? How did that fit?

  3. The trench is fabulous. Looks so good on you. We all need to treat outselves one in a while, right?

  4. I really like this trench on you and I love that it has the lighter colored buttons which I prefer - I'd vote to keep it...

  5. I'm unsure about the belt (seems to be extremely short) and slightly short sleeves on you. Also, what do you think of the waist placement? A bit high or comfortable for you? I'm no coat expert so I'm interested to hear what Jean or Kelly will recommend. Keep us posted on what you decide!

  6. Love this outfit! I have had my eye on that J. Crew dress for too long.... So glad you love your new coat - its gorgeous :)


  7. Cee, if you don't keep this I'll have to come down there and MAKE you keep it.

    Joking aside, I don't think you had any real complaints about the trench other than the slight roominess. Alteration is not needed and I sort of regret spending 100+ extra on mine when the belt tying in the back did the trick just fine. And while we only know each other through our blogs I think you are responsible with your money and wouldn't have even thought about ordering this unless you can afford it. I also know that you'll wear it often so unless you find more issues with this trench I really think this is a solid keep.

    It really looks wonderful on you. :)

  8. It fits you perfectly! Congrats on such a beautiful trench. You look so classy in it :)

  9. Those socks are adorable and they go so perfectly with the outfit!
    i want a pair!

  10. @Lilly's Style, @Katherine, @Really Petite - Thank you girls!!

    @Jarucha - That way of thinking could get me in trouble ;) After Christmas, there's birthdays, promotions, and who knows what else I could make up, hahaha. The smallest size at Bloomingdale's was 2, so 0 wasn't an option. Kelly did mention that the shoulders and torso felt slimmer. If I did have the option of buying a 0, I think the torso would fit better but the shoulders would be a bit tight.

    @Girlie Blogger - Totally :D Let's just hope that 'once in awhile' doesn't become the norm, lol.

    @R.L. - I mostly did a picture comparison against the Zara Girl trench that I returned. The sleeves were much shorter on the Zara trench, reminiscent of how J.Crew coats fit on me, so I actually think the Burberry sleeves were perfect. (I did scrunch them up in the first pic... is that the one you're referring to?)

    I tied the belt hastily for these pics :( but the length isn't a problem for me. If you take a look at the left side of the last pic (the belt is hanging awkwardly by my side) vs the Zara one which didn't hang past the hem.

    The belt placement felt fine when I wore the coat. I think on the 2nd pic it does look awkwardly high-waisted. From the front and back it looks better though. Hmm... thanks for giving me more food for thought :)

    @tiny dancer - I hope you find that J.Crew dress! I could've sworn it's currently for sale at the outlets, but I couldn't find it on their site :(

    @Elle - You don't know how long I spent perusing your before and after trench pics to compare fit. It was definitely worth the $ you spent for slimming (especially the sleeves!) so no regrets, ok? :) And thank you again for all your help (and egging on for a post, because my lazy self would've kept putting it off, haha).

    @Miranda - Haha, I've got to figure out more ways to wear the socks without looking like a kid ;) They should still be available at A&F stores, so definitely check it out if you have time.

  11. Definitely a keeper! Burberry trenches are so classic and will last you forever. It's definitely an investment. Plus, you only live once...might as well make it worthwhile :)

  12. I love the color of the trench! The sleeve length is perfect on you. I say if you think you'll wear it a lot for years, keep it! Especially if the quality is better than all the other trenches you've tried. I'll look forward to seeing more outfit posts with the trench if you decide to keep it! :)

  13. Congrats! I agree about the slimmer waist & sleeves, but in all honestly, it doesn't look bad at all!! Keep it if ya love it ; )

  14. I love the jacket on you! You look wonderful :) I also love the socks with bows!

  15. before you make your final decision, I highly suggest reading this from Kat.

  16. what a beautiful trench, Cee!! the length is just perfect on you and i love the color!

    cute & little

  17. I think this looks great without any alterations! And as long as you love it, I think it's a keeper :)

    Love the socks with the bow detail!

  18. Adorable!! Keep!! I love it with this outfit, too! What cute bow socks!!

  19. It really is an amazing trench you will cherish for years and years. The fit is perfect...KEEP all the WAY!!

  20. It's lovely and suits you very well.

  21. What an amazing trench. As long as purchasing it doesn't put you in the poorhouse, I say keep it. You will love and wear it forever.

    P.S. I loved your feature on Lisa's blog!

  22. omgosh cee congrats on your new trench!! it seriously fits you like a glove!! it's very classy and elegant i LOVE it it's def a keeper!!

    i absolutely ADORE the bow peeping out from your socks! LOVE!

  23. At first I thought, 'what a lovely coat' what's the dilemma in keeping it? Then I clicked on its's a LOT of money. But maybe that's because where I live, the minus 30-something weather demands a LOT more insulation for my buck. It certainly looks nice on you.

  24. Hi,

    You look great on the trench! Sholder looks little bigger but you can wear something thicker too!! Keep it!!!


  25. @Jenn - It's only an "investment" if I sell it later on, right? ;)

    @Olyvia - Yes to the color, sleeve, quality, # of wears (and basically everything else!) I have a feeling the trench will show up way too many times on the blog in the future, lol.

    @The Little Dust Princess - Yay to both of us for finding our trenches!

    @Kelly - These socks with bows are my first... but they won't be my last :)

    @I am Khatu - Yup, I remember seeing your tweet on Kat's post. Thank you for sharing again!

    @kileen, @makeupandpearls, @SewPetiteGal, @Michelle, @Chris @ Granola2Glam, @Rites of Beauty, @Lisa - Thanks for the feedback :)

    @eek - It's probably a good thing I'm still smitten with the trench, right? :) I thought the initial excitement had died down some, but everytime I peek into my closet I fall in love all over again, hahaha.

    @Tracy - Yup, part of me realizes that I'm paying for the brand, but I can't get over how much I love how the trench looks and feels. The impractical side of me is willing to pay money for happiness, as silly as it sounds :) When the dead of winter hits, I'll be practical and wear my ski jacket instead.

    @SS - Hmm... thanks for pointing out the shoulders. I'm going to pore over the pictures and pay more attention when I try it on again later.

  26. Cee I think it looks great on you. The practical side of me says to return if it's not perfect but you put a lot of research and thought into it and maybe you can get it altered slightly in the future! But you can certainly wear is as is now!

  27. Cee, the trench looks gorgeous on you! I think you should keep it! And your socks are so adorable!

  28. I love the trench. I agree with everyone, I think you should keep it.

  29. The trench looks incredibly beautiful on you. I don't think you'd need any alterations at all. It's such a classic piece and you'd be able to wear it for years. In these photos, you were wearing a thin dress. Do you think it would fit better if you were wearing a thicker sweater?

  30. @Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews), @Candy Apple Fashion, @my mini bag - The trench is going to stay with me :D Thanks for all your feedback!

    @PetiteLittleGirl - Good point. I think thicker layers underneath will certainly help me "fill out" the coat. Time to come up with some outfits now :)

  31. Keep it! You look fantastic! And it is a DREAM come true for all of us. Sure, we don't actually get to own it or touch it.. but we'll live through your experiences. Take one for the team!

  32. Cee, after reading your post several times on my phone, I finally made it to a computer to leave my length comment. I was wondering - have you made it to a large Burberry retail store to try on all their trench styles within your budget? If not, I highly highly recommend it, versus keeping the one your ordered online that just happened to fit you nicely. You never know if another style suits you more until you try all of them on. If it's really an item that you see yourself wearing for years, then it's important to know what's out there and make this one purchase the perfect one.

    Second reason I ask ... my SA told me Marystowe was one of the casual-fit styles, and not cut as slim. It's one of the few styles that comes in a regular 0, and he said he did some comparisons of a Marystowe 0 against a Harbourne 2, and the two measured very similarly. There are other trenches cut even slimmer than Harbourne (which, although I love, it's still not slim enough on me and feels frumpy at times). Anyways, I think this trench looks very nice on you, but there could be even better out there that I was just wondering if you had the chance to try on yet : )

  33. Oh, so pretty! I'm like you...I don't think I could say goodbye once I had it in my possession. But it really does look great on you!

    I say Merry Christmas :)

  34. gorgeous trench! you should definitely keep it as it is a classic. you will have this trench for years an years to come

  35. love love the coat Cee..but wow I just saw the price! I really really hope you got a good sale from it because it is sooooo expensive!! you do have expensive taste! haha I just spend 15 min looking through your bag collection!

    I think you should keep it as it is with no alterations since I think it's beautiful on you.

  36. Keep it!!! If you love it, it will love you back. I can tell you that to this day, 3 years after putting on the most perfect plaid wool $600 Burberry coat, I still regret not buying it. I never did find a coat as perfect and now I'm way too "sensible" (cheap) to splurge on Burberry.


    P.S. I love your style!

  37. how tall are you? thank you!

    1. I found it in the about you...5'4?


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