Again with the Hearts

by - Wednesday, February 27, 2013

With spring around the corner, I'm cleaning my closet to make room for new items. I've been figuring out what to keep, to throw out (hole-y pj bottoms from high school), and to donate. When I lived at my parents', Purple Heart would periodically leave donation bags in the mailbox for pickup service. It was easy and convenient. I haven't seen this at my new residence, so I'm thinking of dropping things off at a local Goodwill. What's your preferred method to donate clothing?

sunglasses: Walmart aviator (similar)
lips: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in wink for pink (sold here)
necklace: Forever 21 chain link (similar)
cuffs: Madewell tree-twig (similar); Madewell nautical knot (similar)
rings: Forever 21 braid & chain stack ring set (similar)
pants: Express Editor (this season's sold here)
bag: Marc Jacobs large Single - gift from aunt (sold here)

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  1. Hi Cee - If the items are recent, I like going with Twice. Super simple and hassle-free. And hey, you might even make a few bucks, right? :) I've used the service once so far, and I'm a fan.

  2. i like the salvation army - they will do a pickup out in front. :) or if the items are higher quality then there's plenty of shops in town where i can take them that help give funds back to the community.

    lovely outfit!

  3. I normally let my younger cousins salvage through my donation pile, and then whatever's left goes directly in to a drop off bin that gets picked up every day!

  4. I first take everything to my aunt, who loves getting "hand me downs" from me :) Then, I take the best of what's leftover to Plato's Closet, and then to Goodwill!

  5. I used to take my stuff to Plato's Closet but they hardly take any of my things (even though they are gently used and brands they want like Old Navy and American Eagle). Now everything goes to Goodwill.

  6. I love your bag!! and you look chic as usual
    kisses from Milano

  7. Hey Cee! You can check to see if purple heart will pickup in your area. I think you and I are in the same area and we recently left some things out for them to pick up...

    I am loving the hearts and blazer combo...great look - but no surprise there! :)

  8. Hey Cee!

    Very fun top! Love it with your UniQUEEN jacket from one of your previous posts.

    You sound like you are going through the same thing I am...closet cleaning and donating. There are lots of convenient large metal bins located near most major shopping centers that we can use as a drop off any time of they day.

  9. Thank you everyone for all your suggestions! Some are new to me, some I had forgotten about, and some I should have known better and google for more information :)

  10. I always donate to a church in my area that takes in abused women and helps them get back on their feet and find jobs. So all of the donated clothing goes to a woman that may or may not have had to leave her home with nothing.

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