LOFT Floral Lace Pencil Skirt (40% off F&F)

by - Thursday, April 16, 2015

Perhaps my favorite pattern from Ann Taylor/LOFT over the years is their floral lace. I own the dress version from a few years ago, wore it to death, but have stopped reaching for it as of late. My aging self now finds the length to be too short and do not want to deal with the skirt hiking up every time I sit down.

navy blazer, striped button up shirt, floral lace pencil skirt, blue suede pumps
I was excited to see this year's floral lace pattern in a pencil skirt. The skirt's lace detailing is less intricate compared to my dress' from a few season's ago -- less chances for random snags? It also uses a white lining instead of gray from my dress, so the pattern doesn't stand out as much. The material on this year's version is just as heavy as prior seasons', which is nice.

Here I am trying on the LOFT floral lace pencil skirt ($47.70 w/code SHAREIT) in 3 sizes, all regular length:
LOFT floral lace pencil skirt
Sz 00: My usual AT/LOFT size. I felt this size looked the best in photos, but fit much tighter across the hips than it comes across. There was no way I could sit down, and keeping a standing up-only skirt is just silly.
Measurements: 13" waist, 16" hips, 22" length.

Sz 0: The size I ended up keeping. It had enough extra room to accommodate my hips without too much of a waist gap increase. I could also sit down and stand up without exerting myself.
Measurements: 13.5" waist, 16.5" hips, 22" length.

Sz 00 Curvy: LOFT doesn't offer a curvy version on all their items, but after seeing the option for this skirt, I was curious to see what the fit was like. The waist fits a tad smaller than sz 00's and the hip area is roomier than sz 0's. Comfort-wise, it's on par with (if not slightly better fitting than) sz 0. I just did not like the way the skirt made my hips look wider but tapers down more narrowly towards the knees. I prefer more of a straighter up-and-down silhouette.
Measurements: 12.75" waist, 17" hips, 22.5" length.

The skirt runs small, so size up. The curvy version is worth considering for larger-hipped ladies.
navy blazer, striped button up shirt, floral lace pencil skirt
I took these photos after a regular work day at the office, so lots of sitting and standing over the duration. There were noticeable creases across the front of the skirt by the end of the day, though not as bad as what I've experienced with other skirts/pants. I did run my hand over the front a few times right before posing for photos and that seemed to help smooth out some of the more shallow creases.

Other picks from LOFT's 40% off F&F event through 4/21 with code SHAREIT:
$70.80 floral lace dress, $20.70 mosaic lace hem tank, $47.70 blouson sleeveless maxi dress, $53.70 henley sleeveless shirtdress.
navy blazer, striped button up shirt, floral lace pencil skirt, blue suede pumps
sunglasses: Walmart aviator (similar)
lips: MAKE UP FOR EVER Rouge Artist Natural in N9 (sold here)
necklace: Forever 21 (similar)
shirt: Ann Taylor striped perfect button down (this season's sold here - $39.99)
ring: Elizabeth and James Windrose (similar - $2.59; similar)
skirt: LOFT floral lace pencil skirt (sold here - 40% off w/code SHAREIT)

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  1. Love the outfit, major thumbs up! I was eyeing a similar lace pencil skirt from Bananas

    1. Oooh BR's is pretty! Very white and crisp. Will keep my eyes out for further sales for ya :)

  2. I linked to this post from my blog. Hope you do not mind but your post was exactly what I was looking for in terms of Loft sizing - regular vs curvy

    1. Of course, feel free! Thanks for letting me know, Elena :)

  3. Thank you for this post! I've been eyeing this skirt every time I step into Loft but haven't much made my mind. I'm glad it's on sale and love your review of it. The skirt looks great on you!

    1. Glad you found the post helpful, Mai! I highly recommend trying it on the next time you're at LOFT :)

  4. Such a gorgeous skirt. The Curvy option really does give you curves! I totally get what you mean though, when you mention it just makes you look wider. The 00 does look like a great fit, but you're right -- a standing skirt just makes no sense.


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