Wedding Dress Recycled

by - Friday, September 19, 2014

I follow a pretty simple blogging formula: choose an outfit to wear in the morning, take photos sometime during the day when I'm out and about, then blog about it soon after.

Today's look is a bit different. I never actually stepped foot outside my front door with this outfit on. One, I'd look silly wearing this outfit to work. Two, I was experimenting with different bottoms to pair the top with and couldn't find a combination I liked. Too short. Not long enough. Then it hit me; why not try it with my wedding dress? It's been hanging in the corner of my closet ever since my wedding day 2+ years ago, untouched until now. The dress has the flowy, girly look I was going for and it's a maxi length. Another bonus is the strapless neckline, which means I can also try wearing the top in an off-the-shoulder look. (Note to self: wear the top lower next time so there isn't a noticeable gap between the top and the dress.) I wasn't sure about this outfit initially, but the more I look at the photos, the more I'm warming up to it.

I'd be curious to hear what you did (or plan to do) with your wedding dress after the big day? My cousin suggested that if I dye my dress, it'd be easier to wear again in the future. I haven't ruled that option out, but I also haven't been pro-active in doing anything else about it either. Now if I have a semi-dressy party to attend, this outfit may just see the light of day!

off-the-shoulder ruffled top, white dress as skirt, mixed bangles
off-the-shoulder ruffled top, white dress as skirt, mixed bangles
lips: NYX round case lipstick in NYX (sold here)
top: Isabel Marant Adriana (sold here; similar; similar; similar)
bracelets: Forever 21 bangles (similar - on sale; similar)
nail polish on toes: NYC New York Color in Sidewalkers (sold here)

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  1. I love this look! Awesome way to repurpose one of the most expensive dresses you'll ever buy. :)

    1. Thank you for the vote of confidence!

  2. I guess that's the smart thing about picking a simple wedding gown. Took note! :)

    Julia || Closet de Jules

    1. Ha! That was completely not my intention. I definitely advise buying/renting/borrowing the dress of your dreams, even if it's only worn for one day. Re-purposing is just a bonus because white is so hard to wear :)


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