Two for One

by - Thursday, May 08, 2014

Same outfit, different days, swapped accessories. If there is one thing I'm consistent with, it's my gazing-with-fascination-at-the-ground pose... which apparently I overuse without thinking twice about. Time to pick up a new "acting natural" pose?

black cowlneck sweater, striped top, light wash jeans
black cowlneck sweater, striped top, red crossbody bag
sunglasses: Walmart aviator (similar)
lips: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in softsilver rose (sold here)
sweater: Gap cowlneck (sold here - $19.97)
bracelet: Forever 21 cuff (similar; similar)
jeans: LOFT super skinny jeans in deconstructed garden blue (sold here - 40% off)
bag: [outfit 1] Longchamp large Le Pliage (sold at Nordstrom / Bloomingdale's / NM)
[outfit 2] Chanel camellia WOC (buy pre-owned)
shoes: [outfit 1] YSL Charlotte pumps in Millennium print (similar; similar; similar)
[outfit 2] Sam Edelman Felicia ballet flats (sold at Nordstrom / Shopbop / Lord & Taylor / Zappos)

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  1. Hi! Are your YSL Charlotte pumps comfortable? Do they run TTS?

    1. Hey! The Charlotte pumps are the most uncomfortable shoes I own. No exaggeration. Something about my feet just doesn't fit right with the shoes because I haven't heard many complaints from others who own these shoes. As a result, I don't wear these shoes if I have to walk/stand for long periods of time.

      I usually take 36-36.5 in European sizes but own these in 37 because the toebox is narrow and I have wider feet. I've tried 36, but my toes were hurting from being pinched just after a few minutes of wear. I never got the chance to try 36.5, but it prob would've fit fine. 37's are a tad roomy on me but nothing footpads can't fix and my toes are much happier :) Long story short, I'd say go at least a half size up.

  2. Love your flats! Sam Edelman shoes are so comfy!

  3. I pretty much do this too--I can't wear heels all day at the office so I have to transition into them for post work outings.

    Style by Joules

  4. Hah, your acting natural pose DOES look natural, so even if you did it every other post, it doesn't feel like stiff-limbed posing (like me, lol, i'm terrible at looking natural) Anyway, I just wanted to say that I love the halo effect you have going on in the first pic! Please teach me how to do that, because every time I have the light behind me, I just look like a dark blob.

    1. Hmm... the dark blob in front of sunlight is something that can't be fixed in a point-and-shoot. But now that you have a DSLR, you should be able to capture clearer blobs. I'd try cranking up the brightness or letting in more light (lower f-stop). Also, shooting in RAW then post-processing photos in Adobe Lightroom can fix practically anything. <3 Lightroom!

      I think for the first photo, I was actually standing in the path of the sunlight's rays, which gives off the halo effect. I'm trying to think if I did anything else different that day, but drawing a blank :(


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