A Little Bit of Fall

by - Thursday, June 06, 2013

The AC at work has been wonky for awhile, so even though I've enjoyed the warmer temperatures indoors, some coworkers can't say the same. Unfortunately it's been fixed now so I'll be bundling up until my body adjusts. Bummer.

sunglasses: Walmart aviator (similar)
lips: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in wink for pink (sold here)
sweater: H&M (similar)
top: Gap (similar)
belt: Express (similar)
shoes: Jones New York Harlem (similar)

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  1. i'd go for any warm weather! its still in the 50's here. i'm still wearing coats outside. not ok!

    1. Why does it seem like the Midwest never gets any warm weather :( It's June for goodness' sakes!

  2. Haha! Our office has the perfect temperature EXCEPT for the one big conference room that we always use, it's either ice cold or steaming hot in there. But lately it's been getting hot outside and I dress for the outside weather, which is not enough clothes for the perfect indoor weather :(

    Anyway, love your simple outfit, classy and chic as always, Cee!

    1. Lol, the temperature in my office varies across the room! We sit in cubicles in a fairly large room and the side that hosts servers is always much cooler. Luckily I sit on the "warmer" side, but even that's relative.

  3. Too bad you could not enjoy the indoor warmth longer. The AC in our classrooms went out on day this week during the 100+ outdoor heat. It was 83 in my room, but it was the second to last day of school so none of the kids complained...I assume it was a combination of exam stress/excitement that school was almost over.

  4. I love the stripe top with the leopard print flats! Such a chic and casual look!! xo


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