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by - Sunday, August 23, 2015

I find myself attending too many meetings at my new job and not having the means of telling time. I don't carry my phone everywhere with me because 1) I don't want the temptation of the phone beckoning me to check my texts/Google Hangout sessions during the inevitable lulls at meetings and 2) I'm not important enough where others need to reach me asap. Unfortunately, clocks are a scarcity at meeting spots for some reason. So my solution? A watch. I actually used to wear one daily in my younger years, but don't recall the exact reason I stopped... perhaps the invention of cell phones for the masses? Anyways, I no longer have that watch from years ago, so starting from scratch it is.

blue and pink striped shirtdress, brown belt, pink metallic clutch, oversized watch

I'm currently going through an obsession with rose gold (as evidenced by the cuffs below), so that was pretty much my only requirement. My top three contenders were the Burberry City watch (really loved the color scheme and the subtle iconic pattern) and two watches from The Horse: the Classic and the Original.

The gray watch (the Classic) lives up to its name, from the leather strap with stitching to the size and clean look of the case. The pink watch (the Original) is the more trendy of the two, with an oversized case and casual leather strap. The gray watch's 36mm case was the perfect size on my 6" wrists compared to the pink watch's oversized 42.33mm case. DH was not a fan of the pink watch on me, saying I looked like a little kid wearing a chunky toy watch, hahaha.

I briefly contemplated the idea of keeping both watches so I would have an option for both dressier days (gray watch) and casual days (pink watch). In the end, I thought that was a bit silly. Here I am, new to watches after a decade hiatus and about to jump in with multiples?! What if watches are just a phase and I tire of them quickly? So I sent the gray back and kept the pink. It ultimately came down to which one I loved more. I felt like I was settling with the gray watch and only keeping it because it was more "classic." With the pink watch, I didn't have those feelings. I loved the simpler and cleaner overall look. The rose gold and blush color scheme is actually very similar to the first watch I seriously considered (Burberry City). I thought the Burberry watch was the one until I compared the watch face side by side and found myself preferring the cleaner look of The Horse over the busier plaid pattern of Burberry.

Will the pink watch with its casual vibe go with every outfit I wear? No, and I'm okay with that. I may find my fickle self refusing to wear the watch on some days because it just does not complement my outfit. I'm sure there will also be days where I do not care about clashing accessories. The best days will be the ones where my watch proves its usefulness as I go from meetings to meetings and is the perfect outfit accessory.
The Horse (Original and Classic) watches, Giles & Brother cuff, Tory Burch cuff
bracelets: [left] Giles & Brother cuff, [right] Tory Burch cuff
blue and pink striped shirtdress, brown belt, pink metallic clutch, oversized watch, brown loafers
sunglasses: Ann Taylor Metropolis (sold here)
lips: MAKE UP FOR EVER Rouge Artist Natural in N9 (sold here)
dress: Ann Taylor striped linen shirtdress (sold here - $47.93 w/code FRIENDS40)
belt: J.Crew Factory (similar)
watch: The Horse Original watch in rose gold/blush (sold here)
clutch: Jenny Yuen Cleo (similar - on sale; similar - extra 20% off w/code TICKET)
shoes: Tory Burch Ludlow driver (similar - on sale; similar)

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  1. No, I think the pink watch looks too girly and not sophisticated enough for me. It does suit the summery outfit you wear, though!


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