6 Ways to Wear a Gray Sweatshirt

by - Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A sweatshirt is a fairly common staple in most closets. I own five myself and they're placed right at the closet entrance for easy access. I happily admit that all five are worn regularly, though a bit ashamed to say that one is so well-loved that it's starting to fall apart... but too comfortable for me to let go yet.

My "dressiest" sweatshirt is a gray version with a white ruffled hem by Clu Too. I've round up six ways that I've worn it on the blog over the past year, from casual Fridays to weekend wear. I don't always remember how I've styled specific items in the past, so it's always fun to look back and spot styling patterns. In this case, I'm a fan of stripes, neutrals (taupe, navy), pop of color -- or a combination of the above as pairing options.

A couple similar sweatshirts at lower price points: via J.Crew ($30 w/code SHOPNOW), DKNY ($47.60 w/code WINTER).

6 ways to wear a gray sweatshirt
Outfit details:
Top Row: one, two, three
Bottom Row: one, two, three

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  1. Hi Cee,

    The Clu sweatshirt looks very nice on you. Could you mind sharing which size you wear? Is it boxy in the chest?

    I just want to say: Your style is very wearable and comfortable. I find you much more relatable than other fashion bloggers. Thanks for the pairing idea ;-)


    1. Elaine!

      Thanks so much for your kind words :)

      I'm wearing sz XS in the Clu sweatshirt. It fits boxy and is kind of short (well, depends on how long your torso is, I suppose). I want to point out that the sleeves aren't traditionally long like most sweatshirts, so I usually push them up my arms. Hope that helps!

  2. I also bought this sweatshirt after seeing it on your blog a while back. It's funny, I thought it was super cute but my male coworkers seem to think otherwise! Especially if I'm sitting at my desk they think I'm just wearing a plain grey sweatshirt from Walmart or something. Interesting with the sleeves on the XS. I bought a small and the sleeves are normal length.

    1. Hahaha it hadn't crossed my mind, but I bet my coworkers have the same thoughts! Especially because I wear an old, holey hoodie to work sometimes.

      I seem to be overly picky about sleeve lengths for some reason... maybe I have long arms? See the outfit above where I'm wearing a denim jacket. The sleeves "look" ok, but I feel like they're just a tad short.

      I'm so glad you love your sweatshirt!

    2. Oh yeah the sleeves in the denim jacket picture looks like it's the perfect length. I guess maybe when you bend your arms it might ride up a little bit?
      Haha after they were questioning my sweatshirt I stood up and told them but look it has ruffles on the bottom! They weren't amused. I think guys have a different idea of "cute". Oh well I love it and it hides the little bit of mommy tummy I have from giving birth last year. :)


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