Farewell Summer

by - Tuesday, October 08, 2013

This is most likely the last summer outfit of the year. Sniff sniff. I wore it over the weekend when DH and I caught Linsanity on the big screen. DH had been waiting for months for the movie release, whereas I happily tagged along for delicious Chinese food -- can't beat bubble tea with Taiwanese fried chicken!

chambray shirt, white shorts, red loafers
chambray shirt, white shorts
sunglasses: Walmart aviator (similar)
necklaces: Forever 21 wishbone (sold here); Forever 21 initial pendant (sold here)
top: Gap chambray tailored shirt (similar)
belt: J.Crew (similar)
shorts: LOFT cotton shorts w/4" inseam (similar; similar)
bag: Longchamp medium LM metal tote (this season's sold here)
shoes: Gap driving moccasins (sold here; similar; similar)

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  1. Hi Cee! I'm a long-time reader and have been loving your hair lately (especially since the big chop). Have you been doing anything special/different to style it? Like you, I'm all about low-maintenance so any tips you have would be appreciated!

    1. Hey Shannon! My hair routine has remained the same... just because I can't seem to recreate the same blowout as my stylist with a round brush and blow dryer, haha. I wash, blow dry, and flat iron my hair every 3-4 days at night. Then before I leave the house in the mornings, I simply pull back some of my hair at the crown and secure it with a clip in the back, for a half-up/half-down look. On some days I'll use dry shampoo, but aside from that, I don't use any other products. If I had to flat iron my hair every morning, I'd be going crazy!

  2. My husband and I also wanted to watch Linsanity but tix were sold out! How was it? Was it worth it?

    Enjoying my last days of summer, too! :)


    1. That's crazy! My husband was worried that the movie will be sold out too, so he bought tickets ahead of time. We arrived at the theaters about half an hour beforehand and... THERE WAS NOBODY THERE, lol! All that worrying was for naught. I'm guessing opening night was probably sold out, so we got lucky and shared the theater with ~20 others.

      Movie's definitely worth watching because the storyline is just unbelievable... Hollywood couldn't have written a better script. I felt that because I had already watched a lot of clips when Linsanity was happening 2 years ago, I wish they had included more never-before-seen footages. And also, I wish they had spent more time delving into the time when he was at his lowest point... right before being picked up by the Knicks. I say if you can get your hands on the movie, it's definitely worth watching. My brother told me he downloaded it from iTunes because there's no theaters near him, so perhaps you could look into that route?

  3. Aww, I love Jumbo Jumbo! I was so obsessed with it for a while. My bf lived in Tyson's Corner and used to make the trip up on the weekends just to eat there! Have you tried the other restaurants around there? Like Bob's, Bob's Shanghai, and Mama's Dumplings? Ahhh and Bread Corner????

    1. Whaat... I'm so out of the loop! I've been to Bob's but haven't heard of the other two. Adding them to my list of eats asap! I'm about 20 mins out from Tysons, so venturing to MD is a bit of a hike. Thanks for the recs, Jenny! Now I just have to make up reasons to go :)

  4. This is a fabulous outfit to transition from summer to fall! Love the chambray, and the pop of color from the shoes.


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