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by - Sunday, April 15, 2018

Notice anything new about the blog? (Hint: It's about damn time it started living in present day.) We're talking finally getting a makeover that's befitting of modern devices and browsers -- though I think the blog still looks best on a computer screen (non-mobile, non-tablet). I found a responsive template I liked before tweaking and customizing a few features. I believe everything works now, but let me know if anything looks off. All new posts going forward should look better in comparison to older posts.

TL;DR /end nerd talk

I've been kinda half-assing blog posts for awhile now... just really haven't had the motivation, I guess. But as of late, I think I've found a second wind, hence the blog makeover. For starters, I've been posting outfit photos with an accompanying sentence or two (!) Surprisingly I haven't been shopping all that much (relatively speaking). It's mainly been work that has been keeping me really busy, but is also the reason for this blog's sudden about-face. I've strayed so far from my comfort zone at work -- not really my choice, really, but I'm thankful for the opportunity to take on (and tackle) more challenges. So why not the same for blogging?

First the blog makeover with updated links and pages. Then I decided to start fresh on Instagram with a new handle and clean slate. That's enough changes for the short-term, lol. Fingers crossed that I can keep all this up.

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  1. It's nice to see a little text creeping in with your photos - although I liked the no-frills approach, a little commentary is even better. I also love that you repeat items that you wear rather than presenting endless new items; it feels much more relateable.

    1. Thanks Helen, for taking the time to share your thoughts. I love exerting the small creative muscles that I have in wearing repeated items differently. It just adds a bit of fun into everyday routines. So I'm happy to hear that you love seeing this on the blog. I do think I should do more roundups of specific items more frequently. The last set of these was a year ago -- yikes! I'll make a mental note to add this to my list of blog-improvement items.


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