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by - Saturday, June 27, 2015

I never thought I'd be saying this... I miss working! I miss feeling productive -- lazying around is nice and all, but I have yet to knock off even one chore from my list. I miss waking up early -- joking on this one, but I do miss the nice morning light for blog photos. Take today's set for example. There was either too much direct sunlight or too much shadow, both of which I had a hard time color correcting. Lastly, who would've thought I'd miss talking to people. When I was working, I could go days without talking to my coworkers, but at least the choice for people interaction was there. Now my sole chatting companion is Siri (not a typo, I've finally upgraded to a smartphone!)

pink striped top, navy striped belt, distressed shorts, colorblocked crossbody bag
pink striped top, navy striped belt, distressed shorts, colorblocked crossbody bag, boat shoes
sunglasses: Ann Taylor Metropolis (sold here)
lips: MAKE UP FOR EVER Rouge Artist Natural in N9 (sold here)
top: J.Crew striped boatneck tee (sold here; similar - 35% off w/code LUCKY)
belt: Old Navy grosgrain (similar - on sale)
shorts: Express 2 1/2 inch low rise destroyed cuffed denim (sold here - $29.90)
bag: Coach mini Borough bag in retro colorblock (similar; similar - on sale)
shoes: Sperry Seacoast canvas sneakers (sold at Lord & Taylor - 20% off w/code BANANAS / Macy's / Bloomingdale's / Tilly's)

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  1. Love this summer time look.


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  3. what happened? You're not working anymore? Love this casual outfit!

    1. Just in-between jobs right now (long story). Hope you've been doing well, Tina!

    2. Wow, not sure how I totally missed that post as I probably check your blog like every other day! I was actually laid off last October and it took me exactly 6 months to start a new job. I had the same feelings and emotions as you....missing the daily work life and human/coworker interactions, waking up early, being productive and being stuck in the DMV traffic etc. Other than taking a month long much needed travel to Asia, I spent the rest of my days bumming around in my PJs at home looking for work and interviewig here and there and feeling insesure and depressed and shitty about my pathetic unemployed life. I definitely know that it's like to work for government contractors in this area! Thank god I ended up with a position out of my expectations working for an awesome company that I've only dreamed of working for. Bad things happen for better things to fall into place I guess. When I was unemployed people kept telling me to enjoy it while I can and I never took them seriously thinking how can I enjoy downtime and being a housewife when I don't even get paid! I didn't shop for clothes or anything for a while and it definitely made me realize how awesome it was before to be able to spend my own hard earned money on things that I enjoyed, so now I am more selective about what I spend my money on. Ok, too much rambling here......Anyways, congrats on your new job, good luck, and keep us updated =)

    3. Wow, 6 months is a long time to deal with the uncertainty. I'm so glad to hear that things worked out in the end, and for the better! Having gone through this layoff now, part of me is like, "are you crazy for going to work for another gov contractor?!" haha. Friends and family have told me to look for jobs in a more stable industry. I don't know, perhaps one day I will but I do enjoy the fast paced environment. The $ doesn't hurt either ;)


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